Your Powerful and Amazing Choice

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Choose wisely. Your Choice Becomes You.

Since waking up this morning, what have you chosen? Have you chosen something that truly serves you? 

It is time to accept your power and realise that whatever occurs upon the Earth, you have the choice, you wish to experience it and how you wish to experience it.

With all that is going on upon the Earth, you have the choice to decide whether you will be infected with illness or not. This seems harsh but that’s how it is. With the Law of Attraction and the fact that you are the Creator of your life, who else is going to decide for you?

With fearful situations arising and occurring to others, you have the choice to adopt whether you wish to emanate fear or not. If you choose to adopt fear, then you will be attracting experiences that cause you fear in your life.

Your life is your choosing. This you may have heard said, many times, but this is truly the time to choose your amazing life. Yes, the life you were given and are constantly given, is a grand one. It is all up to you. 

No other person can decide or dictate your life to you. It is time to accept this truth and begin to live in a way that expands, enhances and embodies the same truth within your being. 

You can choose to say NO to experiences of FEAR and illnesses. Yes, to experiences of LOVE, PEACE and continuous HEALTH. Your life now lies in your beliefs about everyday things and your dedication to cultivating what you desire to experience.

It does not matter what another being shares or experiences. You are the Creator of Your Own Reality and you have the constant support, from the Inner Planes, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddess Beings.


  1. Call on LOVE. LIGHT. PEACE. VITALITY. Call these into your being. You see, they are always around you, waiting for you to call them to you. The vast empty space that you think is empty, between you and the sky, is filled with abundant goodness and blessings.
  2. Let these energies shower over and through your being. Imagine, sensing and acknowledging their colour and vibrations and their positive influence upon your being. Believe in Love, Light, Peace and VITALITY. 
  3. See, sense and acknowledge your entire being emanating these four energies constantly from every aspect of your being. Call upon the 9th Ray of Light to merge the higher energy aspects and consciousness of your Soul, into your physical body and Auric field.
  4. Even if you don’t know what the 9th Ray of Light is, it doesn’t matter, trust and call it. It will come to you. (I know of the The 12 Rays of Light, at the moment. I am sure there are many in the Universe of The Creator).


This is so you may be influenced positively by your Soul, accessing the guidance and intuition of your Soul. Your Soul does not resonate or align with fear or illness because of this, it will act as a protection, and a guiding light in your reality and being.


The good thing about realities, is that you can choose them at any given point in life. You are never too young nor too old. Take time to choose the reality you wish to experience. 

Energise your choices through affirmations, visualisations and asking for Light Empowerment for your choices from your Guides and Angelic Beings.


With the power that you innately have, this is what needs to take place. The understanding that you hold the power to choose what you wish to experience. No group or government can dictate to you, your choices and experiences. 

And yet, you can live peacefully alongside any energy or within any community. Please be aware that these are mind choices, within you, predominantly. Trusting your mind and your intuition is crucial on your choice making decisions.

Intuition is your Soul speaking to you. As you practise your trust in your feelings and your intuition, by listening to your inner knowing, you will always make the right choices for yourself.

Have A Very Abundantly Blessed Day.

Thank you, again, for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.