Your Heights Of Enlightenment – by The Arcturians

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Channeled by Natalie Glasson

In this moment, I’m choosing to share a message from the Arcturians. Channeled through Natalie Glasson of Omnadotorg. 

Greetings. Greetings to you all. We are The Arcturians. We bring forth our Love. Our Joy and our Truth. We are known as Star Beings. We are known for our High Vibrational Technology, that supports and expresses the Truth of the Creator. 

You might say that we create Pure Technology. That supports and creates Light. Everything that we do is to promote The Vibration And The Truth of The Creator.

We are at this time filtering our ideas and insights into the Earth. To support technology in veering in a direction that enhances the presence of the Creator, in all beings. 

When technology is the Light of the Creator, it only empowers and supports the presence of the Creator within your being. It empowers all of your abilities. All of your sacred connections and your inner truth. 

We are not here to speak of technology, we are here to speak of Enlightenment and the very Heights of Enlightenment. Meaning the Highest Vibration of Enlightenment that one can access upon the Earth. 

One of the keys to accessing enlightenment, is actually simplicity. You can create simplicity within your being. And therefore integrate it into your reality. And it is important to understand the true meaning of simplicity. 


  • It doesn’t mean for example, that you only achieve one action in a day, to keep everything simple. You can achieve many things. You can actually be quite busy. 
  • You can create much, and connect with many, and express the Creator, fully. 
  • When you use the energy of simplicity, it’s almost as if you dissolve distractions. You are centred within your being. 
  • You are fully present and fully engaged with what is happening in your world, in every given moment. 
  • When you choose to create, you create from a space of simplicity. That allows everything to unfold with ease, and perfection. 
  • With simplicity you trust in yourself. You trust in your abilities, therefore, judgement and doubt dissolve. 
  • This makes it far easier to then create what is guided through you. And therefore you could say that simplicity is the art of the flow of the Creator. 
  • Often, when we say to people, it is important to be in the flow, the flow of the Creator and to go with a flow in your reality. 

Many feel that they can sit back and relax and see what comes into their reality. And if they wish to engage with that or not. 


  • However, to be in the flow of the Creator, and to go with the flow, actually takes action. 
  • There is a need to support and allow yourself to follow your intuition. 
  • There is a need to allow yourself to engage with life. 
  • To make decisions, knowing that you are being supported, loved and encouraged by the Creator, by the Divine flow. 

When you engage with simplicity in your reality, yes, you do clear away what is unneeded and focus on what supports your ascension. 

  • You also allow the truth of your being to emerge. 
  • You give space, for the truth of the Creator to evolve and to be expressed through your being. 

For us, this is enlightenment, and it is the height of enlightenment. Engaging with, embodying and expressing the simplicity of the Creator. And this is also how we develop our technology, aligned with the Creator. These rules of simplicity serve us well. 


  • Now also, at the height of enlightenment, you breathe your way through your Spiritual journey. And even your physical journey on the Earth. 
  • Your breath becomes so magnificent, so nourishing, engaging, so enlightening. 
  • When you focus upon your breathing, you allow yourself to breathe fully as your body and being is capable of. 
  • You actually breathe away that which no longer serves you. 
  • And you breathe in or accept all that serves you well. 
  • The truth of the Creator, wisdom, knowledge, inspiration. 
  • You also allow yourself to breathe in and create transformation and action in your reality. 
  • Your breath is one of the most powerful tools and it has been gifted to you. 
  • Yes it is to support the survival of your physical body and yet it is capable of so much more. 
  • With your breath and intention, you can travel the entire Universe of the Creator. 
  • With your breath and your intention, you can allow yourself to reconnect, re-communicate, and embody all that is your enlightened self. 

And so, we, The Arcturians, encourage you to adopt this simple practice whenever you have a few moments. 

  • Breathe away everything that distracts you. 
  • Everything that creates complications. 
  • Everything that creates a lower vibration of energy. 

We say everything that creates, because everything is already within you. *

  • So even if in your reality, there are situations, that are very complex and confusing, and create a low vibration, remember that you are not breathing away that situation. 
  • In fact you are breathing away what within you, created that situation. Which may actually be something entirely different. So, you are breathing away the energies that you have created from, within your being. 

And this is a very powerful technique, because it brings you back to your core. 

  • And you may even begin to acknowledge the energies within you and their connection to certain experiences and realities that you are existing within, upon the Earth, and even your Spiritual Exploration. 
  • And of course, with each breath that You Inhale, you allow yourself to breathe in to receive, to accept everything that serves you. And of course, everything that serves you is already within your being. 

So, this, as you inhale, is more like an activation. 

  • Now imagine that you practice this for much time, let’s say months, years; you would develop your breath. 
  • You would recognise its power, and the breathing away the energies that create negativity, distraction, confusion and so forth in your reality, would become natural, as would receiving energies and activating energies. 

And so, simply breathing throughout the day without focusing upon it, would allow for this to take place. And then we can see that you are existing in a reality that is emanating and embodying simplicity

  • We can recognise also that you are accessing enlightenment. And existing in a space of enlightenment. Now when you exist at the height of enlightenment on the Earth, you are also embracing your intuition
  • And this means it’s almost as if you fall in love with your intuition. We know that many souls upon the Earth and many people, connect with their intuition and follow their intuition. 

But sometimes it can be like a love-hate relationship. 

  • Sometimes you follow your intuition at other times, you doubt it, you judge it, you are uncertain of its expression. It is important to embrace your intuition completely and absolutely. And when you do so, you are trusting in yourself

So those times when you feel that you are not allowing yourself to embrace your intuition, to love your intuition unconditionally, those are the times when you really need to trust your intuition

  • To trust yourself and your inner guidance. Your inner truth that is always emerging from your being. 

So, we The Arcturians, invite you to fall in love with your intuition. And to do this:

  • Imagine your heart filling with LOVE. In the same way that you might Love a family member or partner. Or child, or animal. 
  • Allow your heart to fill with Love.
  • As your heart expands, and fills with Love, dedicate this Love to your intuition.
  • Gift it to your intuition.

Your ability to understand and connect and receive your intuition and also your ability to trust in your intuition. And this is a simple practice, once achieved a few times, will allow for a tremendous shift, within your being. That’s encouraging you to enter into the height of enlightenment. 


It is also important to recognise that your beliefs are not always true. And this can be a very challenging aspect of ascension and Enlightenment. Because your beliefs are powerful. You have empowered, you have fuelled your beliefs. 

Some of your beliefs you have created. Others have been given to you through family members, through friends and also through past experiences. And even past lifetime experiences. 

It is important to realise that not all of your beliefs emanate the truth of the Creator. And not all of your beliefs emanate the truth of your being. 

So when a belief comes to the surface, and beliefs come to the surface often, you have the Divine Right to question these beliefs. It may be something that you really strongly and passionately feel about. It may be something that you have achieved for many years. 

But consider, where that belief came from. How that belief came into manifestation. And ask yourself, does this belief align with the truth of your being? Then you can choose to discard the belief. Maybe even breathing it away. 

Or imagining that you are surrounded with light, and dissolve it. Or you can continue to interact and have a relationship with that belief. Whatever feels appropriate for you. 

Now when you are at the heights of enlightenment, you are in a space of LOVE. You are in a space of LOVE and being open-minded. And this of course means dissolving judgements and doubts and distrust. 

But what also comes into manifestation when you exist from a space of LOVE, and openness; and it can be being open, expressing your truth with others, and it can also be accepting others and yourself the way that you are and that they are. 

When this occurs, you stand in your power. And at this time especially in the ascension process that is taking place upon the Earth, standing in your power is so important. 

And it is almost the key of enlightenment , because when you stand in your power, you stand in as your light. You stand in as your wisdom and your knowledge. You stand in as your LOVE, your peace, your truth, your contentment. 

You stand in and as ALL THAT YOU ARE. Your Creativity, your expression, and you also stand from a space where transformation, change and shifts take place within your being. And also around you as well. 

So standing in your power is very important now and it is at the height of enlightenment. When you stand in your power if feels amazing. You are standing as The Creator. 

And it’s almost as if all that we have shared with you, leads you to this point of standing in your power. Because when you access the heights of enlightenment, you are standing in the power of your enlightenment, and this is the key.

  • I stand in the power of my enlightenment
  • I stand in the power of my enlightenment
  • I stand in the power of my enlightenment

We, The Acturians invite you to adopt this affirmation and to consider our words before, in doing so, allowing yourself to take this journey to standing in your power because that is what is needed upon the Earth. 

Humanity needs souls such as yourself to stand in their power, meaning to stand in their light, their love, their truth, their Creator expression. 

And this is what will create many transformations and shifts upon the Earth that will allow for the Creator to be more visibly present in so many diverse and beautiful ways. 

We,the Arcturians, wish for you to know that we are present to support you, love you, in every step of the way. We Thank you.