Your DNA Holds The Key

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According to Alcazar, DNA holds the key to remembering

Your DNA holds the key, to the process of remembering. This is according to Alcazar, who is the voice of Universal Ascended Masters. Alcazar communicates with the world, through Channels. The first Channel was Prageet Harris, also known as Peter Harris. He is an English man living in Mount Shasta, California.

What are Universal Ascended Masters? They are Spirit Beings, who were once on Earth, like you and me. They kept incarnating, in order to learn lessons, progressed and finally became truly connected with GOD The Creator. They were also Spiritual teachers during their time on Earth. 


  • Mother Mary
  • Master Jesus
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Prophet Muhammad
  • Lord Buddha
  • Lady Quan Yin
  • Lord Krishna
  • Goddess Lakshmi

The second person to Channel Alcazar was Juilieanne Conard. There are now more people Channelling Alcazar, around the world. 


The process of remembering, of knowing Self, is to live the total awakened DNA presence. This is enlightenment. The DNA holds the key to who you are, who you have been, how your physical structure works — your part and purpose in the Universal scheme, and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit, or to be more correct, to manifest Spirit within Self.

So, I, Nomanono Isaacs, am very excited because we have so much healing and loving energy freely flowing to Earth, from the Heavens. Believe it or not. It is coming down for us, especially during this time of the pandemic. 

All we need is our intention to receive Spirit Love and Wisdom, as we breathe in every moment. There is also plenty of information coming through Channels. Again it is up to each individual to discern what resonates. 

Alcazar, and various other Spirit Beings, who use Channels, have repeatedly said: “Do Not Believe anything that someone says, and do not believe us, Spirit Beings either.” Instead, connect with your Inner Being. Then you will know what is true for you.

I think and feel that we are in the best times of our lives. We are here to choose to create amazingly beautiful lives or not. What do you choose?
We have the greatest gift that GOD gave humanity. The gift of choice. What am I choosing in this moment? 

I am choosing to repeat this mantra, from Ascended Master Green Tara: I AM THE ONE OF THE GOLDEN LIFE. This to me means, I am here to create and live the best life I choose. To open myself to receiving ALL BLESSINGS. To take opportunities, that feel right for me and my reality.

To live without FEAR. To Trust that The Universe, has my back at all times.
To respect and appreciate other people. To accept and appreciate our diversity. To be an active participant in life. 

To be aware that It is Not My Life, but All And Everyone’s life, I am only a participant. Life will continue its march, long after I have been buried. Therefore, I am truly a participant in Life. 

While here, to make sure that I thrive. I prosper Spiritually and Materially. Above all, I enjoy and appreciate every aspect of life that is on my path. 
This remembering, for me, tells me that the tools are already within my DNA. All I need is to constantly ask to be shown THE WAY!

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.