You Are Eternal

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You are multidimensional

I feel, in this moment, I must share Alcazar’s words, further below. Alcazar of thestargatedotcom, is a voice of Universal Ascended Masters. The Masters who once lived on Earth, and were teachers of LOVE. 

They connected to the LOVE within themselves, The GOD within, for themselves and for Humanity. Some of them even went through ascensions, Earth resets, like we are, at this moment of Global Lock-down and Pandemic. 

I feel very optimistic that, we are all being called to rise up IN LOVE! To Love Ourselves, first and foremost. Then to practise emanating our LOVE into the world. 

When we focus on this LOVE EMANATION, we are helping to reset the Global Fears and the Darkness that is happening at this time. We are like the Light at the end of the Tunnel.

The Ascended Masters faced tough times during their times on Earth. They eventually connected to the LOVE within themselves, The GOD within. As it eventually became possible for them, it is therefore possible for all of us too, here at this time, to eventually create a New Earth of Unity.

It is not going to be an overnight success. It is going to be a lifetime focus on raising our vibrations, emanating our LOVE. Being with the Beacons of Love and Light, consciously and intentionally. And we are going to focus on PLENTY! Abundance for All Humanity. 

We are Not going to focus on Lack, under any circumstance! Yes, I mean it. We have been slaves to lack for a very long time! This is a VERY ABUNDANT UNIVERSE!

As there are no accidents, it is not an accident that we are here at this moment. 


  • Are we going to sink or swim?
  • Are we going to continue as a human collective, being addicted to FEAR?
  • Are we going to continue to be slaves to struggles, fears and hardships?
  • Are we going to continue to be controlled?
  • Are we going to continue being controlled into separation?


  • We have been controlled for centuries!
  • We have been separated for centuries!
  • We have been made to feel less than, for centuries!
  • We have been subjugated for centuries!
  • We have believed, embraced the illusions of separation, of colour, of casts, and so forth, for centuries!
  • We have forgotten the Brilliant Lights and Pure Positive Love, we are, for centuries!


  • If this Global Pandemic and Lock-down, is not the sign, to rise into our hearts and shine out our LOVE to the Earth/World, what will?
  • Are we going to continue to fear our own Amazing Powers that we each have within us? The powers of LOVE, that is?
  • Are we going to continue ignoring the signs that We Are The Beacons of LOVE and LIGHT?
  • That ALL we do is shine our light into the world with the intention of a better future for everyone?
  • Are we going to focus on everyone on Earth to Prosper? To Have Food? To Have accommodation? Above All, for everyone on Earth to have their basic needs met?
  • Are we going to CONTINUE Praying, asking for clarity and guidance, on our individual paths, that will be for the benefit of all

Thank you Dr Mehmet Yildiz for Doing This Already. Your path is for the benefit of us all!

I believe that, you and me and many others, are going to Blaze our Lights to the Whole World. Just by choosing to be LOVE and focus within, joyfully and being GRATEFUL for EVERYTHING and LOVING ALL on Earth.

We are here to remember now, more than ever before, Who We Truly Are!

We Do Not Blame. We Do Not Complain. We Practise Acceptance and We Observe and continuously send out our BEAMS OF LOVE to the World. Acceptance does not mean we agree with everything, no, but acceptance helps us reach a state of peace and contentment.

There is much that we wish to share with you about how you can benefit from this practice of moving back in time because you can move back through many lifetimes. 

And if you can go back and talk to somebody who was you in a different body, in a different time and converse with them, you can connect to experiences that you have had. 

You can connect to understandings that you have had. You can connect to abilities that you have had and bring them into the now. You are the culmination of all that you have lived.

And yet right now, you cannot access all that you are. It is held in your DNA. Remember, when we talk about DNA, we are talking about the DNA energetic field, because the DNA in every single cell is energetically connected as one. All the dimensional levels of the DNA are all connected as one.

You are multi-dimensional beings. You have always been. And you always will be. As we have said in the past, you were never born. You will never die. You are eternal beings. It’s hard for the mind, but inside somewhere, you already know this.


Thank you, again, for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.