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Yesterday I attended a workshop in London, England. Joan and Leon, a Chinese couple from Shangai in China came to the workshop. I first met them in a workshop, in Glastonbury, in May 2018. They have been on holiday in England since May and are going back to Shangai in two days. In Glastonbury, Joan noticed my book’s bookmark – Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother, that I was using. The bookmark has a picture of my late Mother. Joan asked if she could keep my bookmark because it reminded her so much of her late Mother-in-law. I gave it to her to keep. She then showed it to her husband who looked in disbelief at the picture of my Mama. He confirmed what Joan had just told me that my mother was a splitting image of his mother. I accepted  what they were telling me and tht was all for me. I was happy that Joan wanted to have my bookmark and I thought that if it reminded both of them, of their relative who was now transitioned, and happy to have my mother’s picture connecting them to their own, that was a very brilliant idea and I was more than happy to have them keep the bookmark. I never gave this incident another thought, until yesterday!


HottentotsHollandMntsByNomanonoIsaacsJoan came over to speak with me during our morning break yesterday. She reminded me of the bookmark that I gave to them. She told me that they took a photograph of it and sent it to their twenty-one year old daughter, who immediately replied saying: “This is my Nan.” Joan continued to say that, Leon one day, looked at the picture of my Mama on the bookmark and as he looked at it he said these words: “Perhaps They are part of the same Soul.” These words changed everything for me for I had goose-bumps all over my body and became very deeply emotional and cried! These deep feelings that I felt were a confirmation to me that Leon’s words were true. And during the afternoon break, Leon came and talked with me. He was also very emotional and told me that he felt like we were family. And this is what I felt too. Soul cousins! Born in two continents; China and South Africa. Above all, when we shared our experiences of the characteristics of our mothers, they were the same! Wow! We became more and more amazed.


If you do not understand soul creations at all, this is the summary of what I know: When a soul forms, there are twelve parts of that soul altogether. This mean that my own soul, right now, has other eleven souls somewhere else in the world or Universes of the Creator. I could be in a room with people I do not know and one or two of those people may be part of my soul. Those who then go on to look for soul mates or twin flames, and say they have now met their twin flame or soul mate, for a deeply loving romantic relationship, they, at that moment, have just met perhaps the part of their soul that they resonate with. There are eleven of them somewhere, getting on with life of not. They may be on the Earth Plane or in the Star Systems.


 So, the soul creations come in twelves! And the splits go on and on! In this, it is easy to see how humanity is connected. My other parts of my soul may be Black, White, Indian, Asian, a creature somewhere, a tree somewhere or whatever! You may have just split up from a relationship that was hard to bear, from your part of your soul! This is where I think All Of Our Lives Are Filled With Comedy because we never truly know who is who! This is part of  The Divine plan for Our growth and expansion.


 I plan on visiting Shangai. It is on my bucket list of places to visit now. I feel blessed that on that particular day, in May 2018, in Glastonbury, I used my own bookmark, something I rarely do. I believe that our parents souls wanted us to connect as cousins. The other thing that we observed yesterday, is that Leon’s facial features are similar to mine. We know we are truly connected in a deep soul level and I am thankful to both Leon’s and mine, Mothers. It is a beautiful world of miracles that never cease.