YESHUA’S CHILDHOOD – (JESUS’S) – an Excerpt from ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS by Claire Heartsong

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GalaxyClearout16051CpyMy beloved friend, there is much more that I desire to share with you regarding those five formative years between 5 and 10 AD. Yeshua returned to the homeland of the Hebrew peoples to receive the counsel of Essene elders and the imprinting of this ancient soil where the prophets had once walked. In him would be fulfilled all that the prophets had spoken.

During the latter part of the year of their return to Mount Carmel, Joseph ben Jacob began establishing himself as a builder and fine craftsman in the new village of Nazareth, named after the Nazirite Essenes, an easy day’s journey from Mount Carmel. Nazareth was located five miles south of Sepphoris and ten miles South of Cana, where Joseph’s parents lived. Mary Anna’s brother, Nathan, had acquired land in Nazareth and proposed that Joseph use it to build a home that would support his growing family. So it was that Joseph and Mary Anna moved into a modest, but more spacious home, in the early spring of 6 AD. From Nazareth, Joseph rook his trade to the nearby bustling Roman town of Sepphoris, where Yeshua often accompanied him as his apprentice. Occasionally, Joseph aso facilitated the design and building of Essene communal structures throughout Galilee and in the desert near the Salt Sea.

Whenever Joseph could, he aso brought Yeshua to Mount Carmel and to Qumran, where he would stay for months at  time taking probatioary initiations. Of these, I will say more later. You have in your tradition that Joseph was a carpenter. But, I will add that he was much more thn a simple, itinerate handyman. Indeed, he designed and built buildings for public and private use. He was also known as a master craftsman of fine woods, musical instruments, and the tabernacles of synagogues. And to the initiated, Joseph was known as one who knew the “Crafting of the Soul.” He was an adept who held within his countenance the substance, frequencies, and mathematical codes of the Ark of the Covenant. Joseph was looked upon as one to whom initiates came to receive certain rites of passage into the Way of the Teacher of Righteousness.

During the extended months that Yeshua lived in Carmel, he spent a great deal of his time with me. In Carmel, and also at Qumran, he took many of the initiations. He lived with the older boys and celibate men in a communal dormitory. His dress, possessions and daily routine were simple, straightforward and communally uniform. To look at Yeshua as he went about his labors with the other boys one would not perceive him being treated any differently than the others with whom he shared his life.

Yeshua spent long hours in the library reading, translating, and transcribing the ancient texts which had come out of Alexandria, Greece, Persia, India, and the Himalayas. He was quick to learn the different languages, and he enjoyed commuicating with anyone who would enter into various philosophical perspectives and dialogues with him. Long before the sun rose he could be found walking amidst the fields of grasses, alone or with his mother when she visited, sitting in meditation beneath the ancient cedars, or absorbed in text of some ancient scroll or papyrus. Like his father Joseph, he slept little. He took his turn at the various communal chores without complaint. Whether it was the cleaning of floors, latrines, and the kitchen or the tending of children, flocks, or the lame, Yeshua went from one task to the other with great sensitivity, gentleness, and a light heart.


He had begun to gain a mastery of the emotional storms that still swept through him. In many ways, Yeshua was the perfect child. But before you put him on a pedestal, I will also tell that on occasion he played jokes on the children, adults, and me. There was one time when Yeshua was attentively rubbing my feet on one of our long walks to gather herbs. Unbeknownst to me he tied my sandal laces together when he placed my sandals back on my feet. When I got up to continue our walk, I lost my balance, falling into Yeshua’s waiting arms. Then, we both merrily laughed as he whirld me around. Whirling me around seemed to be one of his favorite past times, when he thought I wouldn’t mind or when he thought I was being too serious.

Yeshua also had challenging days when he surprised everyone with complaints and stubbornness. And when an unpredictable emotional storm came on such a day, our community found it best to leave Yeshua alone. Occasionally, during particularly challenging inner storms, Yeshua would seek me out, and we would go for walks or go into our favorite cave, where I kept the space for him to work it out. Then we talked and shared deeply from our hearts until peace and love were found again.


During the times our community gathered for feasting and celebration before and after certain high days, Yeshua loved to teach the other children various games that he had invented or expanded upon. Some of the games tested physical prowess, some honed mental acuity, and some were just for laughter and play. In one such game, my grandson ran like the wind ahead of the other children only to dodge to the right or left falling behind a child who was lame. Then, in an instant, the unsuspecting child would be picked up and perched on Yeshua’s thin shoulders. Off they romped, laughing giddily, the child flapping his or her arms like a bird.


While Yeshua was in Egypt he had acquired something of the rich heritage of Egyptian, Hebrew, and Persian temple music and folk dances,, which he learned from his Aunt Mariamne and his Uncle Ezekiel. By his twelfth year, he had become an accomplished singer, composer and musician. He loved singing the psalms of Akhenaten, David, and Zarathustra. He rejoiced in the dialogue of Krishna and Arjuna. He was given ample opportunity to share his unusually advanced understanding, as well as his sweet perfectly pitched, soprano voice when we met for morning and evening prayers, the Sabbath, weddings, and other festive celebrations.


Yeshua took his second rite of passage into manhood when he was twelve at the hand of his father, within the new synagogue at Nazareth that Joseph had assisted erecting. He amazed the elders with his knowledge and wisdom of the Torah and other ancient texts of Enoch, Zadok, and Moses. However, it would be another twelve years before he appeared before the priests of Levi in Jerusalem for his rite into true manhood, as this tradition was practiced by the Jews in that day.

Also during Yeshua’s twelfth year he entered more deeply into the serious matters of the mystery school. Among other teachings, I assisted him to understand how to hold and circulate the Breath of Life within his body, until his heartbeat slowed to an almost imperceptible flutter. Into the caves upon the Mount we would go together, to test his understanding of pranic flow and how to move through the veils of the astral worlds.

Some of these caves were hollowed out in a fashion to create specific acoustial sounds. Deep trance states could be accomplished when these sounds were consciously made and heard. I would use my voice that I accompanied with my frame drum, Hathor sistrum, and bronze bells. Yeshua brought jugs of water, pallets, oil lamps, and the herbs that wold sustain our vigils. Sometimes, we stayed deep within the caves for as a week. I came to know Yeshua very well as we shared deeply during these retreats.


Together, we would take etheric journeys into the inner retreats of the Masters. One of of our favorite bilocation journeys was to visit a number of places in Britain. I promised him he would some day physically travel to that ancient Celtic land and take initiiation at the hand of his uncle, Josephe of Arimathea. His uncle and his parents had already agreed that Yeshua would be taken to Britain for three years at the age of thirteen.

As Yeshua approached his thirteenth birthday he udnertook his first level initiation in the Rite of the Sepulchre. All our work prior to this initiation into the mysteries had prepared him to go into the “death” state and to return his soul to his body through the proces of resurrection. So it was that I took Yeshua into the secret chamber located behind a false door in which I had placed my body from time to time, when it had been appropriate for me to depart the earthplane for an extended time.

As the long hours passed, I looked into the future and saw all the arduous tests Yeshua would be put through, and there was a part of me that wished Yeshua could simply live as a man, albeit, a man who could love and serve much. So it was that initiating my grandson was also an initiation for me. In this way, at the tender age of twelve, Yeshua began his preparation for publicly demonstrating the cruxifixion and resurrection initiations. Throughout the remainder of his earthly expression, Yeshua knew death to be an illusion, and with each resurrection experience that followed through the years, he brought more light into the elements of his physical body.

Also at this time the signs of pubescence began to become apparent. His lanky form continued to lengthen. His hands and feet had outgrown the rest of his body. Yeshua’s body was unusually strong for one so slender and tall. He allowed his silken, dark, auburn hair to grow long in the manner of the celibate Essene initiate. He was over a hand’s length taller than his mother and me. I shall always treasure in my heart the memory of Yeshua’s infectious laughter, as well as his stony stubbonrnness when it was time to put his determination, courage, and wisdom to the test. I was privy to his childlike spontaneity, curiousity, and playfulness.

Occasionally, his mastery of the full range of emotion, which he had developed over the years of his childhood, seemed to evaporate. There were times when the least annoying disturbance would incite a flood of tears. Sometimes he would bend over and guttural screams poured out unexpectedly. Then, Yeshua would sit down, shaking, while he attempted to embrace and transmute the energy as he had been taught to do by his mother and father when he was a child. There were even times when the elementals out-pictured his inner storms. Dark clouds appeared out of nowhere as a torrent of rage of grief moved through his body. Lightning struck the crags and cedars, as deafening thrunderclaps rumbled down the mount into the valleys below. Rain poured down, filling the almost empty cisterns with welcomed drinking water.

I could feel Yeshua’s potent life-force energy surging in his developing groin. Whereas he had once been carefree in his open expression of delight with the embraced warmth of the maternal bodies of his mother, grandmothers, aunts, and the curious femaleness of his cousins, Yeshua now seemed to withdraw into a reserved shyness. often he would go into the bathhouse for ritual washing in order to gain clarity for his mind and body. He often took extra turns with the sheep in the fields away from others so that he could have sufficient space to sort out his feelings. This was complicated by the various contradictions whithin the scriptures he had read, the ambiguity of what others said and practiced, and the reality of the sexual life force energy running rampant in his own body. During such times and as he gained increasing mastery, Yeshua turned to his mother less and less. This was a difficult time for Mary Anna, though it was a necessary preparation for freeing her son to fulfill all that he had come to do.

Once a poisonous snake bit Yeshua while he was removing it from the Carmel compoud. Stunned with disbelief, he screamed while squeezing the serpent until it died in his hands and became like a staff. Then, he stood rigid, not allowing anyone to come near him. While standing absolutely sitll, with his eyes closed, for almost an hour, Yeshua summoned the venom to be transmuted by the lifeforce energies that streamed through his body.

Over the years we all came to know my grandson’s unusual powers. Although the other boys tried to include him in their camaraderie, Yeshua found himself more and more alone. Just as nature and prayerful communion provided his mother with comfort and solace, so it was with her eldest son.

Yeshua was gifted with prodigious insights into the mysteries. Sometimes he would meet an energy field of consciousness about which he would ask me for further explanation, or for guidance as to where he might go within the scriptures and codices for greater illumination. Always I would encourage him to turn inward for answers within his own heart. We often had discussions of the various points of view of the different religious sects, doctrines, and practices.

So it was that I taught and prepared my beloved grandson for his coming initiations, which would eventually assist him to rise from the sepulchre when the time of fulfillment of prophesy was at hand. His life would demonstrate to humanity that death holds no power for those who know that death is an illusion.