Wow! What An Evening!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

I am really pleased with the way things turned out in my favour this evening. You see, Sundays I attend an evening class at Birkbeck College, with the Joomla Club. In Joomla Club I am learning to create my website.
My intention when I left home was to come back from class having found a contact form that would have just two boxes suitable for inviting subscribers to a monthly newsletter. I thought that if I was able to get my teacher’s attention and guidance for just a few minutes as there are many of us in class who need his help, I would be satisfied as long as I was able to have the contact form in the areas I had in mind, by the time the class was over.

Guess what? I was the only one in class which meant I had all the teacher’s attention to myself! The wonderful thing about my teacher is his generous spirit! He came up with ideas for my website I had not even thought of! I was so pleased! I was able to have my Home page as a blog page, something I had not thought of before and the word ‘blog’ did not have to be a menu item either. This is what was new in my understanding. Since I had been writing some articles for blogs which were unpublished, I was able to publish them 

I learnt about creatively putting borders on photographs, using free extensions from google web store. I also learnt to create a contact form.

I was all smiles coming home appreciating the opportunity of having all of my teacher’s attention and covering a lot of ground on my website building process. All I say right now is Thank You Universe for this great opportunity!