Where It All Is

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The Void — A Poem

Photo by Nomanono Isaacs

Where IT ALL IS.
Where ALL Is.
ALL Begins.
ALL Ends.

Yet continuing to pulsate,
Angels Singing,
Ancestors happy expanding;

Where Humanity’s creations happen,
On a daily basis;
Moment by moment,
Thriving or Not.

Where my joys 
And miseries
Are processed
And decisions made

Based on my thoughts,
And feelings.
What manifestations
I have created.

Where the rhythm of creation continues,
In every nano second.
In the Beyond.
In the Quantum Field.

Where You and Me Don’t know –
We can only imagine,
And our imaginings vary,

In Magnificent and diverse ways.
That’s the beauty.
That’s the glory.
That’s creation.

That’s where the fun is.
That’s where the pain is.
That’s where the dance is.
That’s where celebrations are…

And cursing and blaming are…
For all are registered here.
In my imagination.
My God. Your God. Where are they?

Where IT ALL IS.
Where ALL Is.
ALL Begins.
ALL Ends.

AND It is ALL Around You.
And ALL Around Me.
ALL In Me. 
All In You.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.