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What is really making you feel joy in your heart and soul right now? Is it a memory of yesterday, a month ago, or even of years ago? Time does not matter. It is what you are feeling right now that is most important, for the memory you are recalling is in this moment. Feel all the feelings of joy deep within at this NOW moment.


Caribbean2013FlyCruiseNomanonoIsaacsFor me right now, my heart is singing for my knowing that I am never on my own. I know that the Universe has my back all the time. Even at times when I let myself down by indulging in thoughts that do not serve me. I am happy right now because I feel contented with the knowing that all my desires are here with me in my heart and soul and in Divine timing I get to experience their manifestation. I am also happy that I know and have faith in the support of the Universe. I don’t worry anymore thinking that I have to do this and that. I am letting go of rushing around wanting to complete things and stressing myself.


My priority is now respecting my entire Being. Resting when I feel I need to. Taking a nap when I feel like it. I know that I am giving my body a well-deserved space for restoration. If walking your dog makes your heart sing, please do it with the song in your heart. If horse riding makes your heart sing, go ride and have great fun.


There are so many ways that we can listen to our hearts and souls and just know at any given moment what we would rather do or not do. Be or not Be. Gone for me are the days when I chewed in my mind, for hours on end, playing tapes on loops, of things and scenarios that did not serve me. In fact, things that brought my vibrations to Zero points, each time I played tapes on loops. However, I am truly thankful and appreciate those moments because they have helped me to be in this moment of joyful loops. I am now playing tapes on loops of things that help raise my vibrations.


I am not even in a hurry to manifest my desires. I feel relaxed and in the true knowing, trust, faith and belief that they are here already and in Divine Timing, I get to touch, smell and caress them, with abandon. This makes my heart sing. I am thankful for all that is around me. I am thankful for this moment of sharing these words with you. I am thankful for you because you are part of the soup that makes me sing.


Are you appreciative of the times that we are currently living? Oh! I Am So Appreciative! We are all creating a beautiful world. If there is a moment when you feel a bit of discomfort, just send a thought to the Creator to help you! The Creator is Within and Without! It does not matter which Creator you choose, for it is ALL ONE!


Thank you for being here, reading this, walking with me in my journey at this time. Singing with me our songs of joy, glee, contentedness and appreciation of the Creators that we are. Stay Blessed and continue to open your heart and soul to the Universal Love that flows continuously and FREELY.