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I trust that you are well and all is well with you and yours. Today I wish to share with you Human Design System.
What Is Human Design System?
My honest truth to you is, I do not know, however, find for yourself. I have come across this system recently. It was downloaded in 1987, over eight nights and eight days to a Canadian man, Robert Krakower who was living in Ibiza, Spain, at the time. There is plenty of information on YouTube about this system, from Ra Uru Hu, formerly Robert Krakower.
All I can say at this moment is, when I found out about my own type, I felt so much relief that I was not a ‘Doer’ and what I had got taught, or had drummed into me over the years, to do this and do that, was NOT Me. And I understood the reason why I felt very uncomfortable, at times, with having to do things, even though I succeeded at times, it was with a lot of struggles. The Human Design System, has given me a ‘Phew’! I do not have to ‘DO’ but ‘Wait For Invitation’ and this feels great to me.
Here is a link to an introduction to Human Design System:


Plus the story from the man himself, of the time this was downloaded to him, over the eight nights and eight days. His Encounter With The Voice:


I am thankful for this moment and thankful that I am alive. I am looking forward to everyday as it is unfolding. I feel happy right now to have this opportunity to share with you, what I feel you must know, and then choose for yourself, whether is it for you or not for you. We live in a world of choice. We are blessed.
I am thankful for the awareness and knowing that I create my life in each every moment. There is no moment that is neutral. This sometimes brings frustration and discomfort, as during my sleep, the creation of my life continues. However, this awareness helps me, to bring myself back to my heart space, and to the love space, that is always around me and all that I need do, is to step in, to be comforted and feel loved by the Universe.
I feel blessed to have you, in this vast Universe, as part of a contributor in my life and living, through your reading of what I am writing here, I thank you. We are each contributing to our lives. Everyday, it is becoming clear to me that we are very connected. The energies that we are, are intricately expanding and sometimes, beyond what we think we are. And this is beautiful to envisage. We are each contributing to the creation of a beautiful world we live in.
I wish you a very blessed month of December. May ALL your desires manifest in the most beautiful way, ever. Stay Blessed! Have a VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS!