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I trust you are well and that all is well with you and yours. PrettyFlowers1
Looking Forward to Change of Season? What Is My Desire For You And Me?
I am excited that we are now in the new season. I look forward to seeing how my reality unfolds as well as that of my loved ones. What is my desire for you and me? To wake up in the morning feeling enthusiasm for our lives, the bubbling feelings of happiness and joy, thankful for a new day. Thankful for our lives. Thankful for the air that we breathe. Thankful for our homes and our families. Appreciating every moment and knowing that our day is going to be a good one. That even when we encounter some glitches during the day, we have the knowing that it will be alright. It will be a learning curve. And that if and when whatever happens, we have the inner strength that carries us along the way to an outcome that is for our highest good. That when we meet a stranger on our travels, we will have courage to greet them with a genuine smile. That we will not get so involved with ourselves and end up never noticing other people. That we will be mindful not to almost collide on the street with others because we have been mobile-phone-zombies. I desire that there will be times when our hearts will be opened by a pleasant gesture, from someone we don’t know who greets us as we walk along a street. That we will tell those we love that we do really love them and not to keep quiet assuming that they know that we love them. That ALL good things come to us. We are wonderful people and we deserve the very best!
About me…. where am I?
I had a fall! Ha! I tripped on a pavement. The good thing is that I did not break or fracture any of my bones and that seemed like a miracle to me because I really hit the concrete hard! My knees got the worst of the bruises! I am thankful for the strength of my bones. So now, I am learning to slow down and take things very easily.
I am thankful to my daughters and my grandchildren for their support. I am thankful to a friend who called me, as soon as she heard, all the way from Dover, wondering if she could bring me something. Bless you my friend! My granddaughter visited last night and she had fun playing with my crutches! It was really hilarious watching her playing with them, trying to walk like me. Children are a beautiful gift.
I wish you a very Blessed month of April 2017! May All your desires manifest, beautifully, easily and effortlessly!