What Is Freedom? The Freedom You Already Have!

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Let us not be too serious for a short while. I am having fun exploring this subject of Freedom and I hope you will have fun too… Life is meant to be Fun..

A dream I had during my sleep, the other night, I hope it will make you chuckle; after I had been feeling happy about my forgiving, of my torturers, during the Apartheid regime of South Africa; prompted these thoughts: What Is Freedom? The Freedom You Already Have!

Never again think that you are Not Free! You Are Free! You have been free from birth. No one knows your thoughts. If that is Not Freedom, what is?

You have your unique finger prints. No one has the finger prints like yours. You are very unique. If that is Not Freedom, what is?

The Freedom of Choice. This is what you have been gifted with, from birth. By God, the Creator. This is the reason why the Heavens or your Ancestors, cannot intervene, unless you ask them for help.

Yes, some political regimes over the years, have tried to stop people from expressing their views. All what this did and continues to do, is separate people and continues to create hatred.

It is truly an illusion that will continue to be perpetrated until all of humanity awakens to their own inner power, love and freedom.

People who were either incarcerated or killed, by these oppressors, kept their thoughts to themselves. No one knew what they thought. However much they were tortured, they had their birthright, until they died. When you die, no one will know what your last thoughts are.

If you ask: “What good is having the freedom of choice, if you cannot choose where to live, because people in power, and those who are racists, have decided that you are not good enough, to live in their neighbourhood?”

Then I say to you: “That is what humans have chosen. It is Not what Creation meant for humanity. Creation wanted and still wants you to be FREE!”

I will also add: Those people in power, practised their freedom of choice, and subjugated you instead. Since humanity is very intertwined, even when they think they are separate, what if, your suppressor is your best friend in the Heavens?

Everything is possible, right? Yes, I hear you say Yes of Course! So, is it not possible that you and your subjugator, had a contract, before coming to Earth, that these are the experiences you will both go through? 

Your amnesia took over after your birth. You slowly forgot that you had a contract. The purpose of your contract was to then connect with the innate love that you are. 

You were meant to rise above the suppression and go back home within you, to YOUR LOVE! In the process, you were meant to educate your suppressors and bring them to their own LOVE. Because of this forgetting, life turned out differently.

The Colour of Your Skin is a beautiful choice you made for yourself, before you were born. You practised your Freedom of Choice. You chose your parents. You chose the country where you were going to be born. 

You Chose Everything! You chose what you wanted to experience, again, in order to go back home within you, to YOUR LOVE.

What if — this is a game you will be repeating, life after life until you become so good, that when you reincarnate next, you remember everything that you will be in that life? Everything is possible, right? Yes it IS! Hahahaha!!

The dream was of medancing in a beautiful hall, richly decorated, dressed in my most gorgeous and luxurious clothes. I was an English woman. I was dancing with Dr D F Malan, who implemented the system of apartheid, in South Africa. Read about him here. In the dream, Dr Malan was the most kind person, and liked by many people. He was mine and my husband’s best friend!

I will also say that, my oppressors during the white regime of Apartheid, in South Africa, exercised their freedom of choices; albeit, fear based and very cruel.

This dream made me laugh a lot on waking up. It also helped me have different perspectives about many things, including the Law of Attraction that is all so involved, by default, in all our thoughts and feelings. It has also helped me to explore the subject of Freedom in a fun way for me.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.