What I learnt during the first week in 2014!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

From Sunday 5th January 2014 I have learnt stuff that I thought I could never ever be able to learn and do!
I am so proud of me right now because on the first day after attending the Joomla Club, at Birkbeck College, in London, where I was taught the basics of building my own website, a class that lasted for three hours, I went home very determined to build my website.

You see I had a very beautiful website which had been built by my Wonderful daughter! However, I had decided before Christmas to transfer my hosting to the Joomla Club after attending an hour and a half introduction session, which is held every Tuesday evening from 6 pm to 7.30 pm! Because of the hosting transfer, my website went down which meant that I had to build it from scratch!

I arrived back home around 23:30 hrs and just got on with starting on the building of my website using the notes I had taken during the class. Because I was so eager to have my site up and running, I continued, not feeling tired at all and by the time I realised, I had created a menu item (page) “About the Author” and I had my picture and content in and it looked good! Whahooo!! I had done it! When I looked at the clock it was just gone 4 am! At that point I decided to get my beauty sleep, determined to build my second menu item (page) when I woke up! And indeed by Monday evening I had two functioning menu items (pages) and I felt invinsible! Wow! I had even linked PayPal buttons on “Signed Books” page! I was unstopable! I was so thrilled and the fears I had had about ever building a website vanished….. the teacher was right that it was something that everyone can do! 

On the Tuesday I attended class again after which I had the contact form set up on “Contact Details” page, with the help of my teacher and when I got home I created two more menu items “Events” and Read On! And then I thought, YES! I have done it! I have created a fuctioning website after having a total of six hours training and with my determination! And I have created this in two days!! Whahoooo!! Joy! Joy! Joy! Of course there are a lot of things that I need to create for the website. But right now I feel good and very pleased with myself and I know that there is so much more for me to learn.