What I Desire and Envisage: Unity, Unison and Oneness in My New Earth-New World!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

I need a holiday. Not the Covid Holidays that I am currently enjoying.

As I sit here writing this, I say: “I extended enlightenment to all beings, continuously.”

This is true. This is what I have chosen to do, with many others in this world.

What does extending enlightenment to all beings, continuously mean to me? It means that I allow myself to be a portal for the energies of the Creator, to download through me for The Earth and Humanity, continuously. It is my choice . A choice I made before coming into the world, before I was born. At a time when I knew that during my period on earth, there will be a time of ascension, where I will be required to help Mother Earth, The Creator, Myself and All of Humanity to open themselves up again and remember that each and everyone of us is born with the Divine Light. The Christ Light. The Christ light means LOVE! So there! GOD’S pure LOVE! It is nothing to do with religion and their divisions. It is just The Pure Love of God, that each and every human being IS. And then we forget as we take our places after we are born. We buy into all manner of separation, distancing ourselves from GOD’S pure LOVE.

I want to travel somewhere very beautiful.

Where grass is green and lush. I have nothing against deserts. It is my choice just now of the green and lush grass.

Where glorious mountains tower over a huge, serenely

determined, gliding in stillness river, and any movement seen only by a keen eye.

I want to feel and experience the vastness of the space around me.

I choose to live in a special garden, that is Earth.

A Garden filled with love, appreciation and respect of one another.

A Garden I reckon will take time to be weed free, however, the roots

of the weeds will get weaker and weaker as humanity raises their vibration;

seeking and choosing the abundant garden, that is filled with freshness and doesn’t have weeds.

Only rich, fertile and vibrant growth and it is a balanced garden.

Where humans interact with each other in love, joy and respect.

Where there is plenty of fruit, vegetables and food for all.

Where the colour of peoples’ skins is secondary to the importance of a human being.

Where equality means no one is looked down at, on the basis of their skin colour.

Where there are no cast systems.

Where there is no hunger but food is in abundance for all.

Where the world is not ruled by control freaks, greed and corruption.

Where Mother Earth has no borders.

Where people will not be persecuted in their own lands.

Where people are valued and that is not even coming from the governments,

but the governments are following the will of love, respect, unity, unison that is

already in the peoples’ hearts and mindsets.

Where the politicians will be honest and transparent.

Where nature and indigenous people will be respected and valued.

Where there will not be fear of migrants but acceptance of people’s freedom to

visit countries whenever they choose to, and the visitors experiencing and intending and eager

to go back and enhance their own countries with the positive experiences they may have

liked during their visits.

Where plants, animals, are happily enjoying their lives and feeling the change in the air and in their environments.

Where fuel is not dangerous to the environment and is FREE for all human beings.

Where new technologies to enhance people’s lives are easily available to all.

Where the natural resources of Mother Earth, that are here, are enjoyed by ALL people, not just for the few.

Where the resources of the African Continent are no longer for the rich individuals in Western countries, the colonisers in Africa, and a few rich Africans alone, but are also enjoyed by ordinary Africans.

Where there is no more hardships. No more struggles. No more suffering, anywhere in the world.

Where Everyone Is Living and Operating From Their Big Loving Hearts Instead of Living In THEIR HEADS. A world filled with the enlightening consciousness of The Creator. Excitement, Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony, Bliss. Unity, Unison, Oneness.