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GalaxyClearout16051CpyWhat do you choose to experience in 2019? Have you decided? Is it one of the resolutions that are sometimes very short lived? Whatever you choose, please open to a possibility that on this road or journey you are currently on, you are not alone. Open to the possibility that you have a lot of invisible energies or beings around you who wish to support you; in whatever you choose to do, or be. Bear in mind that Rome was not built in one day. And during the building of Rome, there were many obstacles and challenges that were faced by those who chose to build Rome; and yet they never lost their focus.


Right now, at this moment you may truly be going through a rough time for many reasons. Some people are experiencing exhilaration in their lives, while others may be in hospital, intensive care units, or others deeply depressed, all on their own. There is just one thing to bear in mind – EVEN AT THE DARKEST MOMENTS IN LIFE, THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT DARKNESS, wanting to push through! What this means is that, you have a lot of Helpers around you, who are eager for you to ask for help. Remember the saying: ‘If You Do No Ask, You do Not Get.’ The Heavens, The Creator GOD Is Constantly pouring LOVE into the Earth, for every creature and life on Earth. Open up your heart and mind and RECEIVE. The Creator’s Love is constantly flowing in.


So, in 2019 be determined that you are not going to miss out on the Daily Celebrations! Choose to celebrate your life. The celebrations are focused on you. Not out there, somewhere. I mean, celebrate everything about YOU! You are a magnificent individual. You are special. If you feel there’s something you do not like about your body, please, please, please get over that! Let it go. Your body is beautiful and wonderful as it is. Love that pimple, that blemish, that scar, I mean everything about you. All those things you do not like about you, make up this wonderful person that is you. You are a beautiful flower that is gracing this world.


You are playing your part in the growth and expansion in love, of this Planet. That word ‘ascension’ which you perhaps have heard it said many ties, has been misunderstood by many. I suppose it is because of its meaning ‘going up or rising to an important position or a higher level’ and yet you are not literally going up anywhere or rising other than getting more awareness and seeing things better than you did before. Things that created a fog in your life are now beginning to make a lot of sense and you understand things better. It is as if you are coming out of a very deep sleep. You are awakening – so when you are completely awake you have ascended. Where have you ascend to, you may ask. You have ascended within yourself. You have opened your heart and doing things as it were, from your heart. From Love. No more from your head. You are full of love. You are compassionate. You have more understanding of things which perhaps in the past you did not.


You are perhaps more patient and tolerant of things that used to push your buttons. People that you either feared or hated, you no longer have those feelings towards them. You are more sympathetic, understanding, kind and generous towards them. So, you have ascended from a lower frequency to a higher frequency within yourself. Do you see how this makes sense, it is all about you. How you are progressing on a day to day basis, and that is cause for celebration of yourself in every achievement, how ever small it may seem.


In 2019 intend on opening your heart. Where your heart was hard, see it open and soften. Where you were unkind, see if you can be kind with understanding of the person or thing that irritated you most. Where you were mean see if you can be generous. It is a question of changing your perspectives and choosing to be the change that you wish to see in the world, like Gandhi said. To create a fabulous world, it starts with one individual at a time.