WHAT AM I? WHO ARE YOU? An Excerpt from KRYON – The End Times, channelled by Lee Carroll

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What Am I?


I am of magnetic service. This means two things to you and I will start with the latter: service. My entitiy is one of service. I have never been a human or anything else but Kyron. My entire purpose is to serve in a specified capacity the “schools” through out the universe where the entities such as yourselves are located. There are many schools of various levels, some that are lower and some higher than your own.


Caribbean2013FlyCruiseNomanonoIsaacsThere are many kinds of entities, but the number is always the same. We are constant, and reflect the whole at all times. You are a very important part of the whole, and you are very special. You have elected to be the ones to bring the frequency of the whole to a higher level. This process is very interesting, and requires sacrifice and work. When you are on my side of the veil, there are many things which become logical and clear that make no sense whatsoever to you now. But the process of living, dying, working and experiencing the lessons of humanity is a staple to the final goal of our entire existence, and your process at this time is the most exciting of all. I will explain this as I continue.


Those such as myself who are in service have elected to work for the rest of you. There are many more of us in service than those of you in lesson, and there are many, many kinds of service. There are entities directly assigned to each of you. These entities move as you reach different levels. Some never move on, and you have them for life. All of them are assigned for service to you directly.


To make things really complex for you, but quite logical and simple from my point of view, is the fact that your planet is the home for several kinds of schools simultanious to your own that you are totally unaware of. That is, there are other entities that interact with you in an odd way which becomes their own school! You are their test! Some of the other biology you observe on Earth are really entities also, but you think of them as lower intelligence. Also there are etherial entities that are with you that are working their way through lessons, and you persceive them as ghosts or apparitions, not to be confused with the apparitions that are assigned to you for service.


All of us in service celebrate you and your work. Many of you started in service, and elected to change. Some of you were invited to change, and did so willingly. The decisions of the whole always match the will of the individual. Love is the power source and it is of singular origin.


We are all linked together. We are the great “I AM” as your scriptures call God. When I send the message “I am Kryon,” there is a communication that I belong to the whole, and my signature is Kryon. We are God. You are a piece of God, and you have the power to become as high on your side of the veil as you were before you came…. and you are loved without measure. You are each high entities of your own who have agreed to be exactly where you are before you ever got where you are. We are all collective in spirit, even while you are on Earth, veiled from truth.  Although we are collective, LOVE is singular and is of one origin, or focus. This may seem confusing, but consider it a fact that is of primary importance, so that you understand that it is special for your current time. 


Who are You?


Before I continue to speak about my work for you, I must stop to try to explain why some of you are not believing anything you are reading right now. Formerly in another communication I spoke about an analogy where you as humans try to explain the workings of a complex piece of equipment to an Earth animal. This is very similar to me trying to explain anything of what is happening over on this side, to you on the other. This is as it should be, and is proper. In fact, a great deal of work has gone into making it so! Your power of intuition and discernment are the only things which will give you the choice to stop reading this or not, because everything else you own biologically has been tampered with! As I spoke of earler, you have implants that will never let you understand this side of the veil on a reasoning level. There is only one way you can begin to understand, and it must be done by balancing your biology with your spirituality. You see, your spiritual side is pure and unaffected, and is still intact without restriction. With a balance of the power of your spiritual side, your biological (biological mind and physical body) structure will no longer be limited in scope of understanding. Many of you are calling this balance “enlightenment.”


writespirit.net55I want to give you an example of your limitations, but this is not to make you feel inferior (because you are not!). It is an exercise in reason and logic to apply to what I am telling you. Each human is implanted with may limitatios and restraints of conscious thought. For instance, you are all implanted with the feeling everything must have a start and an end, a beginning and completion. If I told you that something always “was,” and always “will be,” you might say you understand…. but you can’t. You are implanted with this restriction, and you conceive everything as having a start. I cannot suddenly give you a bypass to this restriction, but I can cause you to question your perception by asking you to consider the following: Imagine you are now standing inside a large bubble. Can you show me where the bubble starts and ends?…or perhaps how it originated? How can the interior of a sphere have a beginning? It’s three dimensional! If you now take a pen and draw a line all around the inside of the bubble, you are showing yourself my lesson. You are creating yourself a beginning and an end point (where you start your line and where you end it) in an environment that had none to begin with. You are actually superimposing your limitations on something that has none. This is what has been done for you.You have been biased to be two-dimensional in a three dimensional space, and all your thinking reflects this. You are also driven to constantly look for creation…. whis is your implant at work.


This is also related to the other basic restriction you are given: You perceive time as linear and constant, with only two dimensions, forward and back. Because it never pauses, you can never be in the “now.” It is only in the last few generations that you have realized that time is relative (is not actuall constant), but you still have no concept of its third dimension. If I told you that time as you know it doesn’t exist at all, you would probably laugh out loud… Well, start laughing. The whole concept as you understand it was created for you to allow for your lessons, and to give you a linear, consistent platform on which to exist while you learn. Constant “reliable” time is an Earth concept. On the side where I am there is a very different kind of time, and everything is in the “now.” Its third dimension is vertical. As in the bubble, there is no past or future, only now. Everything reflects to a center point, exactly where you are in the bubble.


With all your scientific endeavours, you have been restricted to two dimensional thinking. You have not yet discovered the balance I spoke of, and have not related it to science. The Spiritual sciences of the universe are logical, predictable, and are based on numbers and formulas that always work. It is a marriage of the physical and the spiritual, and proper implementation brings about consistent, observable changes. This is my service, and I know of these things. What you are missing is the balance with the spiritual part that will enable your science to leap forward in a spectacular manner when you achieve this balance.