Tough Times Are No Accidents

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Tough times are here to teach and help transform you, to go back home to You!

Most people face tough times in their lives. These tough times are no accidents. Perhaps you are one of the people who has always struggled? What if there is something deeper to look at? What if your repeating patterns of struggles and hardships are here for a reason?

There are two types of people that I will focus on. This is based on my experiences as a Spiritual Energy Healer

  • People with repeating patterns of suffering, struggles and hardships. 
  • Plus those with minor problems that are easily resolved. Meaning, people who sail through life easily and effortlessly, without major issues. 


Person A:

This person has some issues that happen, but are not really big issues. He always manages to reach his goals once he has made up his mind. He finds it easy to motivate himself. He does not get easily depressed. He is able to think things through and decide what is best for him, and goes for it.

He then gets introduced to teachings of The Law of Attraction. He decides that he is going to follow these teachings, to a tee. He also knows deep within, that these teachings are the best vehicle for him. He is very happy that at last he has a tool that he is going to use for the rest of his life.

He becomes very mindful of his thoughts and feelings. He is able to monitor his thoughts and feelings with ease and effortlessness. He is focusing on feeling good. He is thinking positive thoughts. 

He is saying his affirmations as a way to create his desires. He is easily embodying the joy and the happiness. His life is totally transformed. He is prospering in every way. Everything is fast changing for him. Life is truly good, he feels.

Synchronicities continue to show up in abundance. He is transforming his life gloriously. Finding out about the Law of Attraction has greatly helped Person A. 

That is all he really needed. The tough times he had were due to the amnesia that everyone takes on, after birth. Plus the fact that The Law of Attraction is Not taught in schools.

Conclusion On Person A: 

  • He does not have a Karmic or Inner Child baggage from a previous life time, to deal with, in this lifetime.  
  • He realises that it is all about his mindset and easily pivots.
  • He is able to focus easily and effortlessly on positive thoughts.

Person B:

This person has faced struggles, suffering and hardships of different sorts in his life. These are repeating patterns, showing as different scenarios. He does his best to cope and survive. 

At a closer look, the struggles follow a pattern. The pattern shows up as though it is something new. In truth, underneath it all, he is faced with the same scenario. Self-Burdening and Self-Punishment.

He attends the same workshop as Person A. He also leaves feeling very fired up. He focuses on all that he has been taught about The Law of Attraction. He totally gets what the Law of Attraction is all about. 

He is determined to change his life by the way he thinks and feels. He knows that the Law of Attraction’s requirements are very simple: “What you focus on, you create!”

What Happens for Person B?

  • He finds himself self-sabotaging. 
  • He is on a roller coaster between joy and despair. 
  • He knows what is going on in his mind, he just cannot shift some things that are going on. 
  • He truly has an inner battle going on. 
  • He is Not mentally ill as some health care establishments could easily label him. 
  • He has either a karmic situation from a previous lifetime, to deal with and to resolve. 
  • Or inner child work to deal with and resolve. 
  • He can also have both of these situations to deal with and resolve. 
  • The battle is between good feeling thoughts and negative thoughts. 

Sometimes he doesn’t even realise how he has spent so much time on thoughts that are not for his highest good. He is repeatedly making intentions to improve his way of thinking, but it is not easy for him.


  • Before he was even conceived, his Oversoul, the aspect of himself that governs his Higher Self, decided this, for his current life expression. It decided he needed to go through these tough times because it knew that he would be able to rid himself of the trials and tribulations. 
  • It also knew that he would be guided to the right groups of people, who would help him deal with these issues. Why though? Because in each lifetime, there is a lesson, and Person B had already accomplished in previous lifetimes, his self-mastery. He chose to do this again. It is a part of game of life that some souls choose to undertake, for the ascension of the planet. 
  • He chose to come into this lifetime, with the most difficult situations. He was confident that he would resolve them in no time.
  • But then, he forgot his promise. He got deeper and deeper into the repeating patterns that weigh him emotionally down.

For him, following the teachings of the Law of Attraction, where he is not meant to focus on the karmic and the inner child work, but to focus on being joyful, happy and feeling good, does not work. 

How Can Person B Help Himself Out Of This?

  • He must choose to work and change the issues.
  • Truly commit to his transformation.
  • Believe that this is a temporary situation that will pass.
  • That he will change and be free.
  • Know that he is not the first person on Earth to have these issues.
  • He must persevere and TRUST.
  • Even during the darkest moments, he must keep going.
  • Prayer works. 
  • Know that things will get better. 
  • Believe in himself
  • Know that doubts and feelings of unworthiness are illusions.

Most Importantly

  • He needs to work with people who are specialists in Inner Child Work and Karmic resolution. Some of these people are here on Earth already. Some are specialists from the Heavens, who work through pure and clear channels. 
  • He must believe that there are always ways to resolve these issues, however hard they may seem.
  • And that he will be guided to the right people, by his Oversoul.

Thank you for taking the time to read these words. Stay Blessed.