The One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life

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This poem is based on the book: The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra.

Immaculate Beauty
Immaculate Grace
Immaculate Geometries
Immaculate Space

For the Glory of Sophia

A Dazzling Light charged into Kaia Ra’s humble home
It was on a snowy December night in 2009

Kaia Ra’s room had only the light of Sophia
She had to ask for the light to be turned down

For it was overpowering

Sophia’s presence was powerful
Sophia’s presence was intimidating

Sophia’s presence vibrated the walls
The whole house shook from its foundations

Sophia’s light filled the whole house

Kaia Ra could still see her own form 
And her computer on her lap

She sat in pure light
Then a voice boomed

From the dazzling white light

The Divine Mother Creatrix Of Life
Was In The House

Who wanted to dance?
Who wanted to question?

No! It was time to listen and listen good!

The Divine Mother Creatrix Of Life
Was in the vicinity of Mount Shasta!

Perhaps the Telosian Beings from the City of Telos
Knew in advance what was going to take place that night 

Perhaps they were watching in excitement as well as in awe.

I bet all form of life dashed to the woods
Or The Divine Mother Creatrix Of Life

Lovingly put them all to sleep
Before her voice, from the all-consuming white light

Boomed into Kaia Ra’s ears and space

What did the voice really say?

“I Am Sophia, The One Divine Mother
Creatrix of All Life! Are you listening to me?”

Kaia Ra found Sophia’s voice thunderous
Loud and the volume unbearable.

In her confusion, Kaia Ra still had courage

She asked: “Sophia, are you the Greek 
Goddess of wisdom?”
and the answer was:

“No! I Am Sophia, the One Divine Mother
Creatrix of All Life! Are You Listening to me?”

That night, was the beginning of something new
A teaching about and from a Female GOD!

The volume of the voice toned down after Kaia Ra’s request
The Light also softened after KaiaRa’s request

A pleasant, and loving conversation ensued.

Kaia Ra was asked to write a book, by The One Divine Mother
Creatrix of All Life! Her Love Letter to Humanity. 

A book that would help us, Humanity to love ourselves.
Miracles never stop. It’s a beautiful world. 

Yes we are Loved by Our Mother GOD, Sophia.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.