The NOW!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog


Every now moment in my experience has gone and time keeps moving forward. It is no longer a sunny day but night time. The conflict I have in my mind is that I am told time as I know it, is an Earth construct. I am told that in the Quantum field, where everything is, GOD, The Angels, Ascended Masters and ALL the dimensions of the many Universes of the Creator are based, there is No time, but NOW!

It becomes a bit tricky to get my mind around this at times and yet, I have moments when it is crystal clear how this works. Why then do I have this on and off understanding of the Quantum field? It is because I have not yet learnt to totally connect and embody My Higher Self 24/7!

The NOW moment, where there is no time like I know, changes the perception of time altogether for me when I think about it. NOW in the Quantum field of those currently behind the veil, may mean that in my current time as I know it, I could wait for 100 years for something, because in the Behind the Veil, it will still be NOW in 100 years!

It is therefore best for me to play a wonderful game for my own benefit. Now right at my NOW moment, I am envisaging what it will be like the day I find myself merged and embodying my Higher Self 24/7. I imagine a time when I will not only be just happy, but extremely happy and constantly blissful. I am thinking in the NOW moment to get me going and having FUN with the NOW reality. I am happy. I am very happy. I am love. I am bliss. I am peace. I am harmony. I am unity. I am ease and effortlessness. I manifest whatever I choose instantly. My Higher Self is totally and absolutely merged and embodied within me. I am limitless. There is no separation. All limitations are gone forever. I am healed totally and absolutely, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have all the things that I choose to have and experience in this life and reality. I am calm and relaxed about everything around me. I appreciate everyone, where they are. I appreciate where I am. I travel wherever I choose, between dimensions, without needing to physically get into a train, bus, taxi or plane. I have so much LOVE for life and humanity. I have so much COMPASSION for everyone in the world.

I live in the Quantum field. I am able to see all my Spirit Guides. I have a blast with them. I am able to be in many places in an instant and do different things in all those different places. It is great joy to have such freedom and liberation. The veil that has been between us, is totally gone! What blissful times. What Fun it is to be in the Quantum field, behind the veil. I am enjoying this moment as I type these words because the part of me that is so eager to be there, where you may ask, Behind The Veil, has just this tiny knowing that it is all in my mind and perception to be there, whenever I choose. So what is stopping me? Not trusting myself and doubts that keep knocking at my door, wanting me to remain in the lower vibrations instead of the higher realms that are filled with ecstatic LOVE, ecstatic JOY, ecstatic BLISS where I choose to be!

Yes, on a day to day basis I live in the quantum field. However, with lots of limitations and illusions. One of those illusions being, for a very long time I thought that there was separation between Earth and the Angelic Kingdom, The Heavens, as it were.

And I continue to live in an illusion because I have not yet cracked the code that will make this possible for me. Even though I know what this code is. It is a matter of time and persistence on my part and I know that it is not too long now and I will have my wishes fulfilled.

The illusions that kept me thinking that GOD is a He and that to get to GOD I must go through a special individual, in a place of worship. Someone who wore special garments that distinguished them from the ordinary. The garments they wore, made me think that they truly had a direct connection with GOD and therefore will intervene on my behalf.

What am I choosing right at this moment? I am choosing to experience something very different. Something that uplifts my spirits and fills my heart and soul with joy and peace, anticipation of constantly joyous moments. What is that? Whatever I create and choose in my mind at any moment and every moment. My imagination is VAST! So I will keep on envisaging and having FUN with me in my NOW in the Behind the Veil Quantum field.