THE LAW OF CHOICE and Your Mini Hells! By Archangel Gabriel, channelled through Nomanono Isaacs

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Dear World. Beautiful World. It is my honour to come to you with these greetings, spreading and imparting my love to each and everyone of you wonderful beings of love. Yes, you are Divine Love. This is the spark of God within each and every person, no matter what their circumstances are and how they behave.

I can confirm right now to all of you that even those who committed the worst situations for their fellow humans, like the Nazis, Robert Mugabe, The Creators of the appalling Apartheid system of South Africa and the suppression of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, plus many more such people; have a Divine Spark of God.

God never created people to be bad or evil. However, God gave a huge gift to humanity. A gift of CHOICE.

The slave trade from Africa to the Americas was the choice between those who sold their people and those who bought them. So the chain went on.

There is and has been a lot of painful situations, creations, by humans. Right now the Creator and All Beacons of Love and Light are pouring, flooding the Earth with a lot of energies of Love, to cleanse, clear, release and purify the whole world. The light will win. It may not seem like any positive change is happening in some quarters. Believe me, there is change taking place.

Yes, it will be chaotic, especially in 2020 as everything is accelerating and being exposed to be cleared and released. There will be more situations that are not pleasant. I advise you all, to NOT go into fear! There is like a battle right now between Fear and Love. The Darkness and the Light. This is nothing to do with the colour of people’s skin! It has to do with the heaviness and lightness of the energies that are around. The energies that do not serve anyone which are heavy are: fear, which shows up in many forms such as anger, worry, stress, resentment, anxiety. All these are of lower vibrations and are heavy within the individual experiencing them. These energies are dark.

The energies of light are: joy, peace, harmony, love, happiness, bliss, laughter. When you are feeling any of these energies, you feel good, energised, and you feel like you can fly and you can do anything. Your life flows with ease. Things and situations that were once difficult for you, become easy. Where you were once irritated by a certain something, you don’t anymore. You change for better.

To be in the energies that are light for you and your well-being, there is a need to make an intention that you are Intending to change for the best. For easy life and reality. You can call upon any of the Angels of your choice or Ascended Masters of your choice to assist you with this endeavour. Not many of you know who the many Angels are and the many Ascended Masters, so there is no need to know them, just send a thought to the angels or ascended masters. There are few famous ascended masters like Master Jesus, Master St Germain, The Buddha, Goddess Kuan Yin, Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and so forth. Same with the Angels, a few like Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron and so forth. As I say, it is not important to know the names. Just call us.

We, in the heavens, are not far from you. We are only a thought away. We are always ready to help. We cannot help without being asked. Why? Because you have a CHOICE! The Law of Choice. This was a glorious gift to humanity from the Creator. So, we have observed, over many millions of years of beings making choices that did not serve the world or themselves. Because it is always an individual’s choice, however much the Angels, Ascended Masters and even your Ancestors, wish to help, they cannot without being asked.

The choices you make, carve your lives. They also affect the whole of the Human Collective Consciousness. But also be aware that, you are here on the earth to participate in a game of choices. What one chooses and the other does not choose, is all a journey because there are always lessons or awareness and insights along the way. Whether what you chose and participated on did or didn’t serve you.

A lot of people believe in a Punishing God. I, Archangel Gabriel, say to you: God Does Not Punish! How can a Loving God, Punish? The Loving God gave you choices and it is up to you to choose. If then what you choose ends up hurting others, you will punish yourself. You will go through your own hell at some point. It is a self created/made hell within you. Within your heart and Soul. A conflict between your ego, soul and heart. God doesn’t punish you. You definitely punish yourself when you realise the hardships and pains you created. Even if you appear remorseless to the outside world, your inner world speaks to you, very strongly and that is your hell.

It may take a long time for some people to realise the pain they have caused for others, because they are so focussed on controlling and winning no matter what is happening to others. All they are interested in is winning even if it means killing the other person. The act of killing satisfies the ego of the perpetrator. Then comes a time when this perpetrator passes over to the Spirit world. This is where they create the hell for themselves. They punish themselves.

Other many hells are created here on the earth, while you are still living. The suffering and struggles you go through. The angers, resentments, fears, worries and stresses, lack of financial abundance and lack of good things coming to you, are the hells you create for yourselves by the way you think and feel. These I call ‘Your Mini Hells.’ Therefore, it all goes back to choices. What choice did you make that brought you to this point of suffering and struggling?

My Beloveds, joy, happiness, kindness, compassion, love, peace, harmony, bliss are the energies you need to choose. These energies will free and liberate you from the many mini hells, some of you continuously create.

I love you. I bless you. I have faith, belief and trust that there will be time when you will look back on the day you made a choice that served you and you rejoiced continuously.

With much love. Archangel Gabriel.