The Journey. My Journey, Thank YOU!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

Wow! Hello December 2019! Thank you for being here. I am thankful that I am here, breathing and very alive. October 2019, thank you for many challenges. November 2019, thank you for ease. Both October and November, came and went without a blog from me. Thank you for the experiences and challenges which I faced because now I am ready and excited. What am I excited about? The Unknown which is in the next second, minute, hour, month, or year.

I am finding that I am becoming more accepting of not knowing what is around the corner for me. I am thankful that I am now comfortable with my journey. I am trusting in the Unknown. I am trusting in the Energy of Love that is always around me. I am trusting in me, listening and following my intuition. It is becoming easier.

Not knowing what tomorrow holds, is all that we all do. We make plans as though we know what truly tomorrow will turn out to be, when in fact we have no clue what tomorrow will be like. This is not a bad thing because in truth, there is no bad nor good. It is all in one’s perspective. What I may see as bad, you may see as good. So it is all a game of life, or a journey. Our journeys. All diverse, and very interesting.

The Journey. My Journey, Thank YOU! If I knew where you were taking me, perhaps I would get bored and not focus on the things that I want to experience. Things that I hope I will manifest because from where I am, I truly desire to experience them. This is when life becomes very interesting and exciting, because life is all about hope. Hoping that I will wake up in the morning alive. Because there is never a guarantee that tomorrow I will be here, but I hope so. This is why I am thankful to my journey, for I know not, where it is taking me. I am only hopeful that I will get to my destination which is deep within my soul.

I am thankful and excited because the space I am at right now, is expanding and educational. It is a time of embracing those who are guiding me on my journey. My Ancestors. My Community of Guides. The Love that is poured into my body and being, from the Inner Planes. The guidance that I receive when I need it. I am thankful because I feel supported by the Heavens. In little or big experiences in my life and reality, I feel that right now, I am held by the energies of the invisible beings of Love. The Loving Beacons of Love and Light.

I am thankful for I have the most amazing guides, in the form of my Community of Guides, my Ancestors, Elementals, Nature Spirits. Thank you GOD, The Creator. Thank you Mother Earth, Lady Gaia. I am thanking you all because you know the whole truth about me, which I do not truly know. You know each and every cell of my body. Every particle of My Auric field. You know my deepest thoughts. My desires, my passions, and all my aspirations. You know my weaknesses, my fears and doubts. My triggers that bring me down and you know how to gently get me to the sunshine, bringing me out of the dark spaces that I have created. Thank you, My Journey.

On My Journey I am not alone. I have never been alone. However, through my own creation, at some point in my journey, I partnered with Mr Fear, Mr Doubt, Mr Not Good Enough, Mr Not Worthy, Mr Not Enough!

And thank you to the LOVE of all those who believed in me. Those in the Heavens, who never gave up on me. They patiently waited for me to reach rock bottom, and a point of knowing deep within me that the only way out and up is through LOVE of The Creator. Right now I cannot say I know truly what LOVE of the Creator is, all I can say is that I am on The Journey and I am very Thankful. I am thankful to all my invisible teachers, who are very alive and loving. I am excited about my journey. With your guidance I know that amazing life and reality is here for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My Life has just started again! I am looking forward to the Beautiful, Wonderful Unknown.