Thank You Universe For The Gifts

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

Thank you Universe for the the gifts that I have received from You via people I know and those who just came into my life because of others, You Universe,  allowed to show up in my world!
There are so many things that I am appreciative of right now. For example: my car has gone to have its gearbox fixed now because a kind and loving friend has decided to help me out! Wow! How amazing is this? Thank You my Wonderful friend!

Just before Christmas, I had an amazing surprise, a friend deposited an amount of money into my bank account, a surprise gift, which when I saw the amount I thought, OMG!! Are those zeros for real? I kept on checking the figure many times before it sank that it was surely for real! I Am Blessed!! Thank You my Beautiful friend!

I am currently on a self development programme that came as an amazing gift from the Universe! I wanted to pay for the programme, by my debit card but it was not accepted by the online system even though there were funds in my account. So when this happened, I thought, well perhaps I am not meant to do this programme. I left it. A month later I thought, I really would like to buy this programme, then I went online and entered my debit card details, checked them many times before pressing the ‘submit’ button. It came back rejected! I then telephoned the organisation in order to have my payment taken over the phone! Sure enough, I gave the lady all my details, we both tripple checked my card details then she said to me, your card details are not being accepted! I was shocked and confused because I had more than enough money on my account! Then suddenly she said: “Ahh! Do not worry and do not stress over this during the Christmas Season! You are going to have this programme, courtesy of our organisation! And Please Have a Great Christmas Holiday!!” OMG!! I do not know how many Thank You(s) I uttered through my lips! That was just so Phenomenal!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Beautiful Laura!! How I wish I could meet you and hug you!

Another surprising gift came from a friend in America, who bought my book Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother. She paid postage as well as gifting me with an extra £5.00 and she said that would be for handling! Thank you my Gorgeous and generous friend!

All these gifts I have received are confirming to me that people are lovely, generous and very kind. It is so lovely to receive and I know that giving is just as wonderful! Giving and Receiving are a two way exchange of LOVING ENERGY! Thank You Universe!