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PrettyFlowers1Beautiful Soul, I trust you and yours are doing very well. Let us pretend that it is Summer time, everywhere…… HA!
Thank You 2017 For ALL!
I don’t really know what 2017 has been like for you. I trust that on the whole you have many things to look back on, with a smile in your heart. And those things that have made your heart heavy and sad, gave you inner strength along the way. I am thankful for the moments where I have experienced great contrasts and resistance, because they were my greatest teachers.
It is truly my deepest wish that 2018 is going to bring Wonderfully good things for each and everyone of us. That we are all going to focus and know that all good things come to us. That whatever challenges we encounter, they are here as wake up calls for us to look at different options of perceiving or doing things. That the overall plan of The Universe is to gift us with wonderful things ALL the time. When moments of doubts and thoughts of ‘I am not good enough’ creep in, let us remember and know that The Creator Energy, that we call GOD, IS ALWAYS giving to us ALL that IS LOVE. AND that the same Creator Energy is WITHIN each and everyone of us. Abundance flows to us in each and every moment. We either allow it or we don’t. When we don’t, it is all okay because those times are also great teachers. They propel us forward to choosing something better.
I Welcome 2018 With My Open Arms!
So here I say Thank You 2017 for being such a great teacher to me. I Welcome 2018 with my wide open arms, knowing that it is all up to me to choose and make the very best of 2018. I thank all the Loving Beings, seen and unseen, who are here with me, on my journey of discovery…… what am I wanting to discover? The greatest potential that IS ME and WITHIN ME. The abundance of creation that is around me and within me. The growth and expansiveness that is available to me from the Universe. The exploration of so many available possibilities. Thank You 2018 for ALL the Phenomenal Abundance you Bring To Us. BRING US MORE!
And I Thank You for Your Loving Presence in My Journey, Right Now. I wish you the VERY BEST in 2018. May all your desires manifest in the most MIRACULOUS Ways. Stay Blessed during the month of January 2018.