Thank You 2013 for Agadir in Morocco and The Caribbean Cruise!

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Agadir 2013
For me 2013 was a very good year with amazing experiences. On Monday the 18th of February, on my way to my local shops, I received a telephone call from a friend saying, ‘would you like to come with me to Morocco on Thursday 21st?’ Of course I said, Yes! Where in Morocco? She said, ‘I will get back to you when I have all the details. I just wanted to be sure that you will come with me, and do not worry about the money, it has already been paid for by my daughter!’
Agadir 2013 nomanono.comI was so excited after that call I could not help laughing and smiling at everybody I met at the shops! I just could not wait to hear of the destination either! When my friend called back I had already started packing! We were going to Agadir and I liked the fact that it was a place I had never been to in Morocco. We were going there for seven nights, half board in a lovely hotel. We were both very excited! And I was going to fly by Thomson airlines, a first experience for me and I liked the adventure of it all.

It was so lovely and peaceful in Agadir. I liked the energy of the area. People were lovely and easy to get along with. I liked going for walks along the sea front. It was a wonderful experience! The food and accommodation were just perfect for both of us and we were very appreciative of a surprise holiday gift from my friend’s daughter!

Then while we were there my friend told me that she had won a holiday which needed to be taken before the end of June 2013 and asked me to go with her, saying that since I had experience of cruising, she would love to go on a cruise. The holiday package she had won was for £2,000 (two thousand pounds) and this meant we could book any holiday anywhere, as long as we paid for anything over the £2,000! Wow! I said Yes Please!! Hahahaha!! We had a free holiday!

We went on a fly/cruise holiday to the Caribbean in April 2013! We flew from Manchester Airport, in the UK, to Barbados where we took the Thomson Dream cruise ship from Bridgetown to Margarita Island in Venezuela. Wow! Our first time in Venezuela! I loved the cruise there and met lovely people both on the cruise ship and in Margarita Island. The next port of call was Scarborough in Tobago. This is a very beautiful Island. It looked very self sufficient and thriving. I saw a beautiful house on a hill as we were coming in to dock and I walked up the steep hill to the house. It was worth it! The house is beautifully placed and on very well kept grounds. Tobago is very beautiful and I liked the hills around Scarborough.

St George’s in Grenada was also beautiful and I hiked to a lone tree on top of a hill.  People were very friendly. Kingstown in St Vincent was so interesting and pretty I got a guided tour from a tourist police officer. I learnt about so many different varieties of fruit trees and beautiful flowers. I really appreciated that! Castries in St Lucia was lovely. Everywhere in those beautiful Islands people were friendly.

It was a phenomenal experience for us! I danced every night in the cruise ship! I felt so free and loved every bit of my surprise holiday! Back in Bridgetown, in Barbados we took our flight back to the UK. I thank my Wonderful friend for inviting me to share and enjoy her gifts from the Universe!