About Distant Energy Healing

Thank You Nomanono for your guidance and healing energies. You observed my health problems so well and you continuously guided me. Your Distant Healing Energies have brought positive changes in my life.

I had felt like I had a rope that had tightened everything and that I had no way out. But your continuous guidance and healing energies slowly, have unleashed the rope. Things are getting better. I can see the way forward now and I am feeling free.

I needed strong energy to uplift mine and you gave me that. Thank you for your support and blessings. ~ Sunita Kandel, Nepal

About Reconnective Healing

I had an online Reconnective Healing session with Nomanono. She gently explained about it and what I should do – lie down and relax. I didn’t realise how tense I was.

During the session I could feel waves of energy and my body relaxing. I was very chilled after the session. I recommend Nomanono. She is very compassionate and gentle. Thank you Nomanono. ~ Audrey Scully

About Distant Energy Healing

Thank you very much Nomanono for The Distant Energy Healing you gave me, three days ago, for a situation I hoped to have healed without me undergoing an operation.

During the first healing session I felt energies moving around my neck, on the left side where I have a benign lump attached to a nerve. These energies went down the left side of my body.

On the following morning I woke up with pain around my neck. This pain lasted all day. And I had never experienced any pain in this area before.

On the third day I woke up with no pain whatsoever and I still don’t have any pain. I feel very well. Thank you again Nomanono. ~ Naade – London, UK.

About Distant Energy Healing

Hi Nono, thank you ever so much for your kindness, generosity and unselfishness. I really appreciate. I slept like a log last night, Freddy woke me at 9 this morning. Woke up refreshed and peaceful. Reinhardt was bright and chirpy this morning, bandage also came off, wounds looking good. Also appreciate your prayers for rain, will keep you updated. You are such a very special person, I’m privileged. Lots of love and have a blessed evening.

A week later: Hi Nono, wonderful news. We had lovely soft penetrating rain today. Thank you a million times for your prayers, kindness and generosity… it is much appreciated. ~ M. De Kock Marais – South Africa.

About Written Channelled Message and Distant Energy Healing

Thank you Nomanono for helping me in this difficult time of my life. Also for receiving such a beautiful message from my Grandpa. With your energy healing sessions and the precious advice from my Grandpa, I feel much calmer and have hope again. I am blessed to have you as a friend. ~ Rosa B. South Africa.

About Distant Energy Healing

I have been suffering from Arthritis, with my leg experiencing intense pain. Because of the severe pain, my knee shifted from its position.

Since starting distant energy healing sessions with my cousin, I am feeling much better. The pain has subsided and in the mornings I feel fresh and no pain at all. This has made walking easy. Even though my knee hasn’t completely healed yet, I believe that with time, it will, as I continue with the distant energy healing sessions. ~W N Zozo – South Africa.

About Live Channelled Written Message Using WhatsApp!

What Jacqui N from Sheffield said:

My dear friend. I thank those in the highest realms and feel grateful to have met you. You are one amazing, inspirational lady. We met for a few short hours in Sheffield. Your care and love took you to think of me and check up on me; giving me support, guidance and love and a very long and valuable message from my Great Nan.

We spoke about love, our children, sharing stories about my beautiful son who just had his 33rd birthday, and his one wish of a gift that I couldn’t get him. However you told me to have faith and you and your daughter worked so very hard that his wish came true.

The excitement in his face, reminded me of when he was a small child. A wonderful thing for a mother to see. Thank you Nomanono

About Intuitive Professional, Business & Personal Life Coaching Services

“It is my honor to write to you after the emotional pains I have been through, in life. With your help, I feel blessed because Nomanono, you are a healer, you are a peace giver, you are a life changer. Today I am the proud recipient of a huge contract… 8 million dollars worth, from a Petroleum company. You helped me achieve this in less than two weeks, something I had been chasing for the past two years. I am now achieving my dreams. Thank you for transforming my life. ~ J. A. – Colorado, USA.

“I have worked with Nomanono Isaacs on multiple occasions to co-create massive results in my business and actualize new prosperous opportunities. Nomanono excels in grounding one in a positive mindset of infinite possibilities. I highly recommend her Intuitive Professional, Business & Personal Coaching Services. ~ Jim M. – California, USA.

A Book Review from Pauline Collins; For Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother

The magic of Nomanono’s Book “Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother” is that it clothes a general knowledge of the time in South Arica when the Apartheid system and land relocations were taking place under colonial rule in intense personal history and detail.

The struggles and tragedies of individual black people, families, villages, townships come alive in this book through the personal story of one girl, one family and one mother.

The bigger picture of Nelson Mandela, Robbben Island, Politicians such as Janet Suzman were well known to me but in reading “A Letter to my Mother” I was able to internalise the raw emotions, loves and losses, the pain of exile as described in the autobiographical story that she is telling.

Nomanono’s  expressive writing takes the reader on her journey  from childhood into adult exile, loss of family and land and her beloved mother. The poignancy of such a journey is epitomised in the way in which she frames her book into a letter telling her lost Mother all she has gone through and has achieved while at the same time revealing to the reader the wonderful woman her Mother was and is  spiritually to her and all those around her during her life.

This book is a wonderful testament.  Fear is overcome and survival achieved inspite of a vicious regime and courage found to journey on beyond into exile and survival.

About Personal Channelled WRITTEN Communication

What Jayne from Sheffield, said:

Dear Nomanono 

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of channelled written messages. l am honoured to receive the message of love and support from my great grandmother at such a pivotal point in my spiritual journey. Words alone cannot express the way your written text has brought colour and lightness to my world. Every piece of genuine guidance received in your messages has helped me to climb out of the karmic hole l had created for myself and l see things much clearer as a result. It  is reassuring to know that your wisdom and intuitive healing is  readily available and always shared with compassion and understanding. Thank you and bless you. 

About Inspirational Speaking Workshops:

What Revd Claudette Douglas said:

Nomanono Isaacs is a gifted communicator who is able to articulate a profound sense of history, environment and context in a vivid and engaging manner that had students wrapped up with attention. She possesses a forensic and in depth knowledge of her subject and is able to disseminate information in an innovative, absorbing and informative way.

Ms Isaacs is an empathetic story teller whose interactive approach meant that learners were able to fully participate in her sessions and gain a deeper understanding of the issues that flow organically and seamlessly from her presentation.

Delivering talks and workshops on challenging subjects that are able to stretch our learners is important when choosing our speakers for LSE Colleges, so Nomanono Isaacs’s charming style ensured that our learners were challenged to think outside of the box, search for solutions to deep and complex problems and be inspired by Nomanono’s personal story of triumph over suffering and adversity as well as their own ability to find new and positive ways of answering some of the most vexed questions of our time.

Nomanono Isaacs is a masterful speaker who will uplift, equip, empower and motivate learner participation and critical thinking skills in your students.

Revd Claudette Douglas – LSEC CHAPLAIN

About Divine Union Chakra Balancing:

From Sonia: This week I had a session with Nomanono. Although I knew what Chakras were, I didn’t really have any idea about Chakra Balancing or the Divine Union but I now know that the Divine Union is the uniting together of the masculine and feminine Divine Energies.

This was very uplifting experience, relaxing, informative and definitely something I would do again, now that I have a better understanding of the process. Nomanono lets you ask questions however stupid they might seem and both her and her guides really made me feel connected to my dad and to myself, something I’ve not felt for a while. (20/04/19)

This is what Be M said about her experience of the Divine Union Chakra Balancing: A few days ago I had a wonderful meditation session via Skype…Haven’t felt that relaxed/centred in a while and learnt/worked with chakras beyond your standard seven (such as the earth star and higher heart)…all new to me. Thanks Nomanono Isaacs for the knowledge and good vibrations. 

This is what Audrey S said about her experience of the Divine Union Chakra Balancing: Thank you Nomanono for my session and a new perspective on Chakra Healing. Felt lighter and everything I did after flowed easily. Have and will recommend you. Thank you again. Namaste!

This is what Andrea W said about her experience of the Divine Union Chakra Balancing: I had a wonderful chakra clearing session with Nomanono this morning. I was looking forward to it even though I wasn’t certain what to expect. The clearing itself was a wonderful experience. However it was afterwards I felt the benefits of the clearing. I moved through my day feeling truly supported and connected. I actually know I can achieve great things instead of always hoping I can do them. This is an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend. Many Thanks to you Nomanono.

About Personal Channelled Communication:

Rosa Bruderer’s Review on The Nomanono Effect Page on Facebook:

I would like to thank my dear friend Nomanono for being so available, even while traveling, to receive an important message for me from my Grandfather.

Three times now I have had signs that someone from the Spirit world was trying to contact me. Each time I asked Nomanono to please see if she can receive some message for me.

The messages she received contained precious advice from my Grandfather and I cannot thank her enough for her help and kindness. AND all have been WRITTEN messages! (27/04/19)

This is what Audrey S said about her experience: “Nomanono, thank you for my session. I was not sure what to expect. The meditation and messages I got were inspiring: and clarifying. You certainly have a very good connection with Non-Physical as you connected me with: Archangel Michael, Goddess Isis, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, The Pleiadians and The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria. I have found food for thought and clarity with what this year holds and my purpose in this life. Nomanono, bless you. thank You and Your Guides for an enlightening session.”

About My Channelled Energy Healing!

From Tim G. Cartwright – Resident of Bromley in 1997 Symptoms: Severe stiffness of neck and shoulders making it very difficult to ensure safe reversal of motor car.

Results: Almost immediate (next day) free-up of affected joints, which till then, had been set rigid for a matter of several months. This healing was brought about by non-impact mental treatment only… by Nomanono Isaacs, from the comfort of her home.

About Personal Life Coaching – From Roseanne May:

I was heartbroken, not just from romance but from the deep emotional wounds of life. Nomanono Isaacs offered vital support in my own need to understand and undertake a healing journey. In essence she was a loving, caring mentor who was willing and able to navigate alongside me. Nomanono guided me to the value and worth of my own inner self. Without fear of judgement or rejection, I was able to show and tell who I was, and reveal my emotional responses to life. Nomanono gave me wise and loving and honest counsel her sound advice came only from ‘a loving yourself’ place. In so doing, I found the strength to change what wasn’t working for me. It will be a dynamic, healing relationship with Nomanono, ever-changing ever growing, best of all there may be tears but there will be laughter too!

About Personal Life Coaching – From Charlotte Allen:

Nomanono, thank you for showing me how to deal with past traumatic issues that weighed me down. You helped me to change my mindset; a heavy load was lifted giving way to a lighter and joyous feeling thanks to you I can now journey through life with a positive outlook…….Charlotte

About Energy Healing – From Vickie Lee Justus:

I met Nomanono online a few years ago…her uplifting posts of gratitude and love moved me deep in my heart. A couple of years ago, I read the book of her life story and was moved to tears and struck with disbelief at HOW…someone so mistreated could still conjure up such an attitude of LOVE and thankfulness. I discovered the answer to the Why and How when she paid me a visit last month, June 2016. My daughter and granddaughters joined us in the living room when it was suddenly filled with the pure light of angels. We drummed and danced and played in this love for a short while. Then Nomanono wrapped her healing energy around my body and an army of angels joined in. Nomanono told me to think of the painful rods in my back as made of rubber instead of aluminium. And have created less pain since. The cancer in my ovary is shrinking…it hurts no longer. We had a long distance healing session recently, on the internet to finish things off. My body trembled and shook with the healing energy surrounding and entering it. It was the MAGIC of the one true Source of LOVE. …and many angels including Nomanono. If you are in need of physical or emotional healing…you have found the right place. I believe that I am healed as my body tells me so. Whatever you need…rest assured you will be forever changed when your energy mingles with Nomanono’s. Sending my energy and love to this healing site…to join in with you and your band of angels! Your angel love has changed my earthly existence!!! KNOW that you are an angel among us!