I Choose to Inspire The Young Positively!

Nomanono IsaacsInspirational Speaking Workshops

Having experienced a lot of challenges, which included anger and resentment, and how I learnt to change my perspective, open my heart to embracing and appreciating that everything that I had experienced, was in fact a Great Teacher for me, I have chosen to inspire others, into realising that whatever they are currently experiencing, is temporary. Something better will show up.

I have always wanted to work with young people because I realised that, it would have been perhaps a lot easier for me, had I had someone to inspire me to change my perspectives, on various situations and outlook in life, at an earlier age. It is very easy to get conditioned to situations and perspectives that do not serve us, especially as children. I am thankful to my own mother, who helped me to change my perspective, at a very crucial stage in my life. Because of this incident, it has been a burning desire of my Heart and Soul, to help inspire the young, primarily.

I was fortunate to work with London South East Colleges, in October of 2018. It was a lovely experience for me to do something that makes my heart sings. The young people I had were very receptive, aware and very interactive. I certainly had a great time. This was in different campuses and this gave variety, understanding and an opportunity for me to cater to different issues and perspectives, raised by the students.

I also worked in 2017 with Dr Barnados young people. This was also a very good and heart warming experience, being with those young people. I was inspired and motivated more to working with young people, wherever they are.

If you are interested in me inspiring your group of young people, please contact me through nomanono@gmail.com. Fees are negotiable. Thank you for your time.

What Revd Claudette Douglas said:

Nomanono Isaacs is a gifted communicator who is able to articulate a profound sense of history, environment and context in a vivid and engaging manner that had students wrapped up with attention. She possesses a forensic and in depth knowledge of her subject and is able to disseminate information in an innovative, absorbing and informative way.

Ms Isaacs is an empathetic story teller whose interactive approach meant that learners were able to fully participate in her sessions and gain a deeper understanding of the issues that flow organically and seamlessly from her presentation.

Delivering talks and workshops on challenging subjects that are able to stretch our learners is important when choosing our speakers for LSE Colleges, so Nomanono Isaacs’s charming style ensured that our learners were challenged to think outside of the box, search for solutions to deep and complex problems and be inspired by Nomanono’s personal story of triumph over suffering and adversity as well as their own ability to find new and positive ways of answering some of the most vexed questions of our time.

Nomanono Isaacs is a masterful speaker who will uplift, equip, empower and motivate learner participation and critical thinking skills in your students.

Revd Claudette Douglas – LSEC CHAPLAIN