Awakening Mediumship WithinYou Online

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For a long time I chose to stay away from Mediumship, even though it had been awakened within me, at a time I had no clue that I had the gift, already, within me. Looking back now I am sure that I stayed away because I lacked confidence in me, of standing on different Spiritual Church platforms, as we were required to do this, at the time. I chose to focus on Channelling Healing Energies, instead.

Sometimes in our journeys, we get guided to doing things that we thought we would never do. I was guided in 2018 to help awaken mediumship abilities within those who would be interested. And when I started, I enjoyed it very much. As it happened, the person I was working with, was also great fun and open to the unknown. I am now ready to awaken this gift that may be laying dormant within you. I understand and know that it is forever evolving, connecting with those beyond the veil.

Every medium is different in the way they go about helping others awaken to these gifts. I have chosen online participation as it suits me and my requirements. I also think it is better for you, participating from the comfort of your own home. You have a choice of participating one to one, or to bring someone else to participate with you. Either way, it will be great Fun, that I feel, as I write this.

You can get in touch with me through Fees are negotiable. Thank you for your time.

What Rosa B, South Africa, said:

I had the privilege to have some sessions of Mediumship Awakening Online with Nomanono. She was very professional and explained in a clear way the importance and power of the non physical world. My cousin also joined for some sessions and we had some interesting encounters with our Grandfather and other members of our family.

I can highly recommend Nomanono to anyone who wants to awaken their gifts and learn how to benefit from these universal forces.