Sorry Mother Earth

Nomanono IsaacsBlog


Sorry Mother Earth,
I pulled some weeds out,
And felt conflicted.
Why? Because they are flowers too.
They are just the flowers I did not like.

Surely Mother Earth,
You know how it is sometimes.
I needed to clear clutter.
These weeds were part of the clutter,
I needed to remove.

I know, I know Mother Earth.
They have the right to live too.
Like everyone else on the planet.
On this vast body that you are.
Where you like and love each and everyone.

Mother Earth, you do not discriminate.
You allow ALL to come here and Be here.
In your huge body of Love.
You just keep on receiving and allowing.
All sorts to take place.

You watch in amusement.
Wondering when your children
Will learn to live side by side
Appreciating their diversity
And the beauty that they are.

Living in peace and harmony.
You know that one day they will.
After graduating
From this university
That is your vast body.

You have allowed ALL to be free
To choose whatever takes their fancy
And now I ask you, how you feel 
About the weeds that I pulled out
You tell me, not to worry, decluttering is needed.

Thank you Mother Earth.
I appreciate you.
I thank you for this time and space
That you freely give to me daily
I thank you for your love and All That You Are.

Thank you for taking the time to read these words. Stay Blessed.