Sharing: Your Ascension and World Service Amidst Chaos and Fear, Part 3. Covid 19.

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For the month of April, 2020, I feel I must share this information: On Monday 30th March 2020, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 British Standard Time, Archangel Metatron, working with The Celestial White Beings and Mahatma (not Indian but a Cosmic Energy overseer of all 352 dimensions), dissolved the Corona Virus from The Humanity Collective. Archangel Metatron said that, each and every human being has had the energy of the virus, not necessarily to develop it, but because as a collective and oneness, we are all that everyone is!

This was dissolved from the Humanity Collective. He said there may still be those who will have it, develop in their bodies, however, it will be mild and will dissipate quickly.

We worked with the Celestial White Beings, Mahatma and Archangel Metatron on 23rd, 26th, 30th March and we will be working with them on 2nd of April 2020.

Who are we? A group of beings who were in Atlantis in previous incarnations. Why? Because we worked with The Celestial White Beings in their temple in the North of Atlantis.

This virus they said, was man-made by souls who were involved in the fall of Atlantis, together with dark forces. Those souls are back on Earth. They collaborated with dark forces, used technology and fear, just like they used technology and fear in Atlantis.

We were told that the difference between Atlantis and our Earth, is that there is now a lot of LIGHT on Earth. The LIGHT is winning. There are more people in this planet who are anchors for the Heavens’ LIGHT.

So, All Is Well. And it is the Brilliant time of Earth’s Consciousness Re-set.

Part 3 of Your Ascension and World Service Amidst Chaos and Fear, was channelled through Natalie Glasson. Here is the link to the Channellings: