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Reviews of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother

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LOA Angel’s Review of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother

This book should be a movie! It was like an exciting thriller, but it was so much more than that. The awful things this girl had to go through just because she was black and from a poor family. I can’t believe that this kind of thing still goes on in this “modern” age. The former South African government, ruled by oppressive old white men, was about as primitive as it gets. But back to the book, this lady is a fantastic writer, and her story is told without a bunch of unnecessary and inflamed descriptions of the deprivation and dehumanizing experiences she endured. It’s almost like she’s just reporting from the witness stand in a courtroom. This matter-of-fact reporting style, written as a letter to her mother, is so much more effective than spewing hatred and describing the individual horrors she suffered in graphic detail. It’s actually more potent, and it may sound like a cliche, but I couldn’t put this book down. Highly recommended if you care about the suffering people are forced to endure around the world at the hands of cruel, greedy, power-hungry madmen who would choose to harm the life and security of an innocent young girl in order to further their selfish goals. In this case, the little girl wins!

Just us Vikie’s Review of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother

What a fantastic read! I was unable to put it down once I started. Having lived in South Africa for 6 years myself…I could visualize everything and sympathize with the author. NO ONE could empathize unless they lived this horror. This tale of oppression, greed, and bigotry makes me ashamed of my skin color! Kudos to the author for surviving having your family ripped apart in every way possible and enduring such poverty and hatred. When you evolve spiritually and realize that we are all ONE…..brothers and sisters…you are shocked at the ways we humans have treated each other throughout the years. This story will amaze you, anger you, and make you cry!

Jim M’s Review of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother

 This is a touching and personal account of a dark dark time in South African and world history. I was moved by the honor and love this family displayed in the face of severe poverty. The deep sense of loss that Nomanono’s grandfather experienced watching everything he had worked a lifetime for unjustly taken away by the white government, simply because he was black was heart breaking, and despicable. Though this story ended with Nomanono’s escape from South Africa, it is evident that there remained a lot more of her personal story to tell, and it left me wanting more.

Jeanine Joy’s “President of Happiness 1st Institute” Review of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother

I could not put this book down. I read it cover to cover. Nomanono took me to a world I never experienced and showed me what it was like to be a young girl whose life was thrown upside down by Apartheid. My heart ached for the young girl she was, for her family and all those who were treated thus.

But more importantly, the reason her book makes my heart sing and my soul know the beauty that is possible in this world is the beauty and greatness of her heart. her courage at a young age to pursue her dreams, to fight tyranny and oppression and win for herself and her children a better life. That someone could live through this terrible time and experience what she did and love her fellow humans with her big beautiful heart is a tribute to the best that humanity can be.

While this is anything but self-aggrandizement in her words or writing style, it takes only a moment to consider her past and read her words about how she exists as a Loving Being today to know this woman has a spirit that is so beautiful there are no words to describe it–an ineffable beauty.

I am highly recommending this book to everyone I know.

Thank you for giving the world this beautiful work and insight.

Briar Chatterjea’s Review!

Hi Nomanono – It’s Briar from India –  Wanted to let you know your book has inspired me to create a dance with our students at School!

Brenda Pavlou’s Review

Brenda Pavlou’s Review of Escaping Apartheid:A Letter to My MotherThis book is an amazing read. If you thought you knew South Africa, you couldn’t even have scratched the surface. To live through Apartheid and come out whole is amazing. I know I would be filled with hatred but when you are brought up in a loving family with 100% support, this has to make the difference. This book will make you cry but also make you think how on earth can human beings be treated so badly by so called superior folks.I must say I feel heartache for Nomanono’s family and what remarkable people they must have been. I would feel so proud to have shaken their hands and so sorry for all they endured.. They all would be so proud of Nomanono as she is a remarkable woman. I am so glad that she has shared this story with the world. Real justice will never be done and  that’s the shame of it all.I would recommend this book.

Leslie Lewis’s Review!

This moving book is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and the strength of one woman’s mind in the face of nearly unimaginable challenge. It is an honor to learn how Nomanono was able to overcome the circumstances of her birth, and has created a beautiful life for herself. I feel very inspired

Monwabisi Malunga’s Review!

This book is marvellous, interesting, sad but educating a lot about the then Apartheid era!

Mandla Dutch Thabethe’s Review!

Mandla Dutch Thabethe’s Review!My dearest loving sister I finished! First I wanna thank you for the gift you gave me, your book. I am truly honoured. After finishing reading your most creative, informative and truthful book.I must say I am truly blessed and inspired to have known women so strong as your mom and you. it amazes me how you manage to connect the pieces of the past into the present times, as they still affect us in numerous ways.Thank you so much for one of the most creative pieces of writing I have held with my hands. God bless you, much love!

Review from Pauline Collins 2019

The magic of Nomanono’s Book “Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother” is that it clothes a general knowledge of the time in South Arica when the Apartheid system and land relocations were taking place under colonial rule in intense personal history and detail.

The struggles and tragedies of individual black people, families, villages, townships come alive in this book through the personal story of one girl, one family and one mother.

The bigger picture of Nelson Mandela, Robben Island, Politicians such as Janet Suzman were well known to me but in reading “A Letter to my Mother” I was able to internalise the raw emotions, loves and losses, the pain of exile as described in the autobiographical story that she is telling.

This book is a wonderful testament.  Fear is overcome and survival achieved inspite of a vicious regime and courage found to journey on beyond into exile and survival.

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