For any issues that you may have in your body and being, I will facilitate this amazing “high-level” conference of Reconnective Healing for you, with the Universe, at your own home comfort and space. From my own home comfort and space.

During this time all you need is to be in a very comfortable and relaxed position, preferably lying on your back, on your bed or couch, opening yourself up to receiving. If this is not an appropriate position for you, go with what feels right and comfortable as this is a number one priority, for your receptivity.

My intention is for you to receive and experience healing, balance and wellbeing from this powerful energy transmission, for whatever situation that needs healing and balance in your life experience and reality, at this time.

I will connect with my Super-Consciousness and Beings of Love and Light who are My Healing Team. They will assist me in Receiving Reconnective Healing on your behalf. Be open to possible insights that may come to you during the session. For 45 minutes it will be a receiving period. For the last 15 minutes, I will answer your questions. It will be a wonderful receiving connection.

For a limited period of three days: 17 June, 18 June, 19 June, book for your FREE – 1 hour Reconnective Healing session at PLEASE NOTE: The full hour’s price is £80.00. So Do Not miss out on this FREE OFFER!

ALSO NOTE: The booking times are British Standard Times. We can use Skype, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, whatever connection system is convenient to you.