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Affirming, telling your cellular structure what you are creating is magic

If you have not done this yet, when you first wake up in your morning, perhaps you will start, out of curiosity, and see where it takes you.


Affirmations work best when they are said out loud, to yourself. Sometimes standing in front of a mirror. The reason for saying them out loud is so that your body hears you. Remember, everything is energy and is alive. You are energy.

Every cell in your body is alive. It hears you. Affirming is planting a seed. It is also activating and stimulating your natural creating and manifesting abilities. It also helps you dispel the doubts that my be within, telling you that you are not good enough.

Affirming gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and in your creating and manifesting abilities. Some of your abilities may be lying dormant within you. Affirmations will certainly be the emotional, and mental energetic rejuvenation of all these abilities.

Your intuition comes alive too and guides you to other affirmations that you may wish to do. It is also important to do the affirmations, using the I Am. The I Am Is Your God Self. Your Creation Self. Your Soul Self. By using the I Am you are referring to The ALL that you are. 

The Power that You Are. Your cellular structure tends to take in and embody every thought and every emotion that you go through. So by affirming out loud, your creations and desires, you are giving power to each and every cell of your body, especially Innate.

Innate is the power of your existence, within you. Innate is part of your Soul, your Super Consciousness. By affirming you are instructing your natural creator self. You are telling it to get on and create all that you desire. 

You are keeping your mind tuned into that which you wish to create. You stay positive and expectant of wonderful things that you are choosing to create. 

You feel good from the very beginning of your day. This is a very good thing to keep you feeling positive. The practice of affirmations, also tells your subconscious mind what you are working on and expecting. 

Your subconscious mind will support you. It always has you as its priority for existence. Affirm what you would like to create and manifest, for your life and reality as though you already have it. 

Start by affirming and confirming your appreciation of all that you already have. Then move on to all the things you desire, and wish to experience. I was taught this by Judy Satori of judysatoridotcom; and it works.

Speak of these as though you already have them. Use the Power of God That You Are. For example, you can say:

With the Power of God that I Am, I Am Thankful for all that I am. I am thankful for all that I have. I am thankful for my home. I am thankful for all those who love me, etc.

Then you can move on to that which you are desiring. If you want to live in a penthouse overlooking an ocean or a river, then you say:

With the Power of God that I Am: 

I Am Thankful for my gorgeous penthouse, overlooking the Indian Ocean.
I Am Thankful for my greater financial independence.
I Am Thankful for my deep enlightened loving romantic partnership.
I Am Thankful for my beautiful babies…. And so on and so forth.

You can write your affirmations on your mobile notes, for ease of access and reminder, during the day. Bear in mind that while affirmations are very stimulating, when done first thing on waking up, in the morning, they can also be said during the day.


Intentions are very powerful. They can set a tone of what you want to be and want to achieve on a day. How you are going to react to situations. How you are going to be with unplanned events during your day. How you want to feel overall during the day. 

Long-term, intentions are great. You have focus that keeps you moving towards your target. Your aims, goals, objectives, and more of your dreams. They help you visualise or imagine. They help you feel positive as you imagine your objectives, manifested and already fulfilled.

You can certainly have a conversation with yourself about your intentions. Tell your body and being, (your auric field), what your plans, goals, aims and objectives are. See how good you feel after having a conversation with yourself. The positivity that you feel.

Your intentions can also be noted on your mobile/cell phone notes for your reminders.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.