Powerful Amazing Love Flows Through You

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Channelled by Master Yeshua, Master Jesus, Master Sananda, The Christ Consciousness; Through Nomanono Isaacs 24/07/20

In the silence of the night
With stars and moon above
In the stillness of Love
Heavens around you;
Showers of Love over you

You are in deep sleep and unaware
And that is perfectly alright
For you are not meant to know
What the Heavens are up to
In your innocence and peacefulness

You are not even aware that
During your sleep state
You are busy working in the Inner Planes, In the Heavens.
Working for Humanity and for Mother Earth
You are not even aware 

Of the benevolent work 
That you do for humanity
You are not even aware of 
The seemingly Split Existence 
You continuously live

You live the life of your daily existence
That’s what you think you do
And yet there is a bigger existence
That you live, during your night time
In your sleep state, Beloved.

You may not believe this
But the work you do during your sleep
Is amazingly benevolent
The Beings that you work with at times
To mention but a few are:

Commander Ashtar in his aircraft
Travelling to various Universes of The Creator
Delivering and anchoring LOVE
The Light of The Creator to All Beings
Beloved, there’s so much that you do

You sometimes work with The Lion People
In The Planet of The Lion People
And You also work with My Beloved Twin Flame
Mary Magdalene, bringing new babies into the world
You see Beloved, during your sleep state, you become alive

Sometimes you work with those who are ill
Who think that they are all alone and in hell
You touch them with your hands and give them hope
You bring your vast love into their beings
Your Love knows no bounds in your sleep states

Beloved, there are many of you, who work with us
In the Inner Planes, or what you call Heavens.
You all work at different parts of the Earth and the Star Systems
Doing various work of Healing.
Every Human being is capable of Healing.

You see, Beloved, the life that you believe
Is your true life, is a creation of a HUGE theatre
That is The Earth Plane
Your Earth University
Some say the Earth is broken

I tell you this now, Beloved
The Earth is NOT broken!
Lady Gaia is ALIVE
It is time for Humanity to Awaken
To operating from their HEARTS that is all that’s needed

The Hearts are the Greatest Brains
Your Heart, Beloved, is YOUR first brain
It has many functions other than pumping
And distributing blood
You may dismiss this Beloved, that is fine

Because that is All you know, about your heart organ
Your Heart is the Centre of LOVE 
Your Heart is the Centre of GOD
Your Heart is the regulator of ALL systems 
That help you keep going

There are very few Scientists in your Earth 
Who are now aware of just how much the Heart does

I Love You. And Leave You With This
You Are VASTER than the Universes of The Creator
Every Human Being, IS. You All Don’t know
And even if you knew, you wouldn’t know
What to do,YET!

Channelled by Master Yeshua, Master Jesus, Master Sananda, The Christ Consciousness; Through Nomanono Isaacs 24/07/20

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.