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hand finger light sun
hand finger light sunWhen my laptop stopped working last week, I initially felt my heart sink. Then after a few seconds I shifted to a positive outlook. And it felt good. I realised that there was something for me to learn even though I did not know what. As the time went on, it really felt good to have no computer around. I realised that I had no attachment to my laptop which then led me to realise that I really did not require any attachment to anything. Life goes on beautifully in each and every moment. Life has never required and will never require my laptop or me, for that matter to continue its beautiful rhythm of Being and existing in many varied facets.
Right at this moment I have this thought:
I Wish You A Day Filled With Peace
I Wish You A Day Filled With Harmony
I Wish You A Day Filled With Happiness
I Wish You A Day Filled With Love
I Wish You A Month of May Filled With All The Wonderful Things You Desire
Let Us Continue Being The Sunshine Of Our Lives, No One Can Be, On Our Behalf. 
If for whatever reason, you are having a hard time, hang in there knowing that it is all very temporary and the good times are just outside your door. And also know that everything that needs to be cleared and released from your body and being, is what is at this time and that you are not alone. You Are Very Loved By The Universe!
About me…. where am I?
I Am well. Not on crutches anymore. Thank YOU to all those who got in touch to wish me a speedy recovery!
I am thankful for all the wonderful things and situations that are showing up in my life. I truly feel Blessed.
I wish you a very Blessed month of May 2017! May All your desires manifest, beautifully, easily and effortlessly!