Wow Up Signal Hill On My Own! And Learnt about Malay Quarters!

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I feel so proud of Me right now for walking up Signal Hill on a very steep side of the hill. I climbed from the Quary side in Cape Town, after avoiding tracks that had warning signs forbidding hiking. I figured that I would be fine no matter what! Ha! It was slow and steep and I avoided looking back … Read More

Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful?

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CaribbeanFly Cruise2014ByNomanonoIsaacs

When we finally live like flowers do? They grow and live side by side in their various beautiful colours of pink, white, red, yellow, blue, purple…..whatever colour they are, they are just who they are. They never judge or pick on each other. They never argue whose colour is better than the other. They never see one colour as better … Read More

Thank You for All the Moments!

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Thank You God/Universe for this moment and all the moments prior to this one, that have led me here, in a city below Table Mountain. Thank You Cape Town and South Africa! Today is the fourth day since our arrival here. It is easy walking around and finding places. People are easy and friendly to talk to. OH! Bless my … Read More

There are moments when it is not easy……. Abraham and Jerry Hicks!

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It is not easy to stay in the vortex and to maintain a High Flying Disc —  and to be totally mentally and emotionally detached from what is going on around! You know what I am referring to Abraham… the floods and the stress that some people in this beautiful country are going through! Yes, Yes I know, we have … Read More

What else is possible?

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What else is possible? Since I learnt to ask this question in Access Consciousness, it has become my mantra! And I appreciate it so much because it has helped me on numerous times and given me relief when I have had tricky and even stressful moments to deal with, at times when I just did not know what else to … Read More

Thank You Mandisa Dumezweni!

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Words are not enough to express my appreciation of you and how you continue to support me. You have more than enough on your plate to cope with but even so, you have continued with your love and selflessness, to be here for me in the most stressful situations when I have been technologically challenged, even when you did not … Read More

I Am Excited! Thank You! Thank Me!

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Have you ever been excited in your life about a thought of so many possibilities? I am excited and happy to finally accept that I am the creator of my reality and the fact that it is better to know this and accept it than not. There is that inner realisation that I can no longer blame anyone or anything for … Read More

Right Now Thank You Leila Lloyd-Evelyn!

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I am thankful for the fun I shared with you Beautiful Leila Lloyd-Evelyn in Clapham Junction today. Your patience, your love, your support Leila is amazing. I hug you in my Soul! It feels like you are one of my daughters. You are supporting me just like my two amazing daughters are! Your joy in wanting me to succeed in … Read More

Things Always Work Out!

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Every Moment Is Beautifully filled with Wonder! I appreciate this moment as I look forward to what the radio show is going to be like today. You see, it is my first time ever in a radio show. I am excited that I will meet the beautiful host I have seen on the Internet. She has an energy that is … Read More

Do I really create my own reality? YES!

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For my personal perspective, I have lived in fear for a very long time. Fearing that there is not enough money to pay for this or for that. Fearing that  I may not look good enough for  that job. That I may not be what they are looking for. That there is not enough money for that holiday. That I … Read More