Tough Times Are No Accidents

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Tough times are here to teach and help transform you, to go back home to You! Most people face tough times in their lives. These tough times are no accidents. Perhaps you are one of the people who has always struggled? What if there is something deeper to look at? What if your repeating patterns of struggles and hardships are … Read More

Living Hell — Memoirs 2!

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CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF A LIFE IN A SLUM — A POEM From my eighteen year old neighbour’s mouth: I am in search of a jobQualifications I have noneWhen school doors were wide openI couldn’t dare step inLimited resources prevented meHad I been born a different colourI would have been able to have educationAnd the choice of what trade I wanted to be inBut … Read More

Living Hell — Memoirs 1!

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CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF A LIFE IN A SLUM — A POEM Childhood memories, of a slum life in Pietermaritzburg, in South Africa. A Poem. Standing here by this hole.Through the wall.Supposedly a window.Which at night is coveredWith pieces of cardboardIf we can find someOr torn pieces of old clothesThat have seen their daysBut very useful hereAs curtains. My eyes are caught by a … Read More

Sorry Mother Earth

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A POEM Sorry Mother Earth,I pulled some weeds out,And felt conflicted.Why? Because they are flowers too.They are just the flowers I did not like. Surely Mother Earth,You know how it is sometimes.I needed to clear clutter.These weeds were part of the clutter,I needed to remove. I know, I know Mother Earth.They have the right to live too.Like everyone else on … Read More

Did You Know? No Accidents. No Shortcuts.

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Keep going to reach the top of the mountain; a glorious view awaits. There are truly no accidents and there are no shortcuts in life either. If you want to truly be happy, face every obstacle head on, with intention to conquer. Intend to cleanup your whole internal self. Your Interior! The happiness I’m referring to, is your inner happiness. … Read More

The Beloved

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A poem The BelovedI Am The BelovedI Am In Love With The Beloved Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.

My Appreciation of This Pleasant Surprise — Yes!

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I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE FOG IS GONE — MIRACLES ABOUND A miracle happened yesterday. I am VERY grateful! It can happen for you too. Yesterday my eyesight was the same as it had been for the past thirty years. I needed to use reading glasses. In the evening I didn’t need reading glasses! The Previous Day’s Drama I misplaced my reading … Read More

What Is Freedom? The Freedom You Already Have!

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Let us not be too serious for a short while. I am having fun exploring this subject of Freedom and I hope you will have fun too… Life is meant to be Fun.. A dream I had during my sleep, the other night, I hope it will make you chuckle; after I had been feeling happy about my forgiving, of my … Read More

Why Practise Accepting And Forgiving Yourself?

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PRACTISING SELF-ACCEPTANCE AND SELF-FORGIVENESS Practise accepting and forgiving yourself Why practise accepting and forgiving yourself? There are many reasons. However, I am listing only a few for simplicity:  REASON 1 —UNWORTHINESS:  For all the times you felt you were not worthy of being given an opportunity that stretched you beyond what you thought you were capable of. The moments when … Read More

Your Powerful and Amazing Choice

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WHAT YOU CHOOSE YOU BECOME Choose wisely. Your Choice Becomes You. Since waking up this morning, what have you chosen? Have you chosen something that truly serves you?  It is time to accept your power and realise that whatever occurs upon the Earth, you have the choice, you wish to experience it and how you wish to experience it. With all that … Read More