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Beloved one, I am here with you. Eager to engage with you on your journey. I am Archangel Gabriel. You are a splendid seeker. You are a very ancient soul. You have been in the Universes of The Creator, long before planet Earth was created. Yes you were in the Star Systems. You are truly ancient, my beloved. Your soul group is the Angelic Kingdom and this is why so many of us, are always around you. You chose to volunteer. To be adventurous, while we remained home, to support you on your endeavours. You knew that the journey would not be easy. You knew that you would face darkness. What I mean is that, you would forget everything that you knew. The enlightenment that you knew. You would start from point zero, with amnesia. You would face separation from the Creator, many times. That you would face wars in the Star Systems, just as you have faced wars, and been part of many wars on planet Earth. However, we, in the Angelic Kingdom, salute you, for ALL that you have been through, and we salute ALL of you Beautiful Ancient Souls, who chose to incarnate, over and over into various planets of the Universes of the Creator, you did this because of LOVE. Loving the creation and various experiments that you have all gone through, order to create enlightened planets, in the Universes of The Creator.

You have each gone through tough times

You have each done these things that you view as unacceptable, unbelievable and horrific when you see and hear of them in the world. Yes, you all did these things, hard as it may seem to accept and believe that you actually did them. You have experienced the most horrific deaths in your lives. Yes, you have all killed others and have been killed. You have had the most horrific illnesses. You have been in plagues. You, Nomanono, now know, because Master Sananda/Jesus/Christ Consciousness, revealed to you this, when you went to the South of France in May of 2018. You were told this through Natalie Glasson of You lived in the Leper colony in Israel and also In France.

Your body came up with itchy lumps and bumps

This revelation came about when your body came up with lumps and bumps that were itching and you thought that you were releasing the angers, resentments and hatred of living life in Apartheid South Africa. And yet, you were releasing the leprosy you had in Israel and in France. My dear Nomanono, you truly have chosen struggles and suffering in your many lifetimes. However, there have also been times of grandeur, grace, love, wisdom, statesmanship and more, in your many lifetimes. You have gone back home and then chosen to reincarnate on both the Star Systems and the Earth, at different times.

You have been a very powerful being in the Star Systems

I am pleased to tell you that, I Archangel Gabriel, I am revealing for the first time to you, that you have been a very powerful being in the Star Systems of Orion, Sirius, Venus and Pleiades. You have been very enlightened. You have worked with the Actuarians and the very ancient Star systems of Lara. There is actually a deep connection with you and Adama, who currently lives in the city of Telos, together with the Ancient Ascended Masters of Lemuria. You see, you have done it all. There are more other places that you have lived in as a very enlightened being.

A Native American wise Shaman, Medicine person

I here too, Archangel Gabriel, confirm what you already know from Archangel Michael, channelled through Natalie Glasson, that you were once a very wise, powerful Shaman, a Native American wise Shaman, Medicine person, who saw beyond the illusions of the Earth plane. That day, The Angelic Kingdom watched you with so much excitement and awe, when you anchored or grounded your physical body into Mother Earth, stood still and started spiralling your energy, and turned into a bird. I tell you Nomanono, the whole of the Angelic Kingdom, your Ancestors, watched, applauded, and some of us were very emotionally touched and so Joyous. This was the first time you did this, and then it became a normal thing for you to do. The reason you turned into a bird was to fly and explore the countryside of your native land. To admire the beauty and to see that all was well. And in those days, it truly was well. All was well around your villages. There was peace and a community spirit. You were in an expression of a man at that time.

A Tibetan Monk

You have also been a Tibetan Monk. You worked with beings of Ancient Lemuria, when Lemuria came to a point of change, leaving the part that is now known as Hawaii. Yes you were a British soldier, fighting the Dutch. You were an Irish woman with twelve children.

A Very Powerful African Medicine Man

You were a very powerful African Medicine Man. And this is where I am going to reveal something that has bothered you in this lifetime. Because of a terrible war that broke up between tribes, in East Africa, you have been carrying a lot of the remnants of that war. This was so many lifetimes ago. And yet, you continued to reincarnate with this guilt, that has made your many lifetimes difficult, filled with limitations, because of that incident. What you did was a normal thing that you always did during your incarnation. It was a normal process or occurrence for you to Trance Channel. During the battle that was taking place, you trance channelled, and the content of your trance channelling was for people to stop the war and live together in peace. As brothers and sisters. Loving communities.

Nomanono I am telling you this because you did not know what really happened. This is the truth, my beloved. You can now BREATHE and know that You truly did not do anything wrong, in fact, know that through you, people were asked to live in peace and respect for one another. Unfortunately, those who listened to your words, betrayed you and your words as you truly did not know what was said through you, and you trusted those who were always with you during the channelling and always listened with love to your words of wisdom. Unfortunately during your trance channelling at that time, those who came to listen to you, for the first time, were people filled with anger and hatred. They were determined to NOT tell the truth of what came through you. They went on a killing rampage even though they knew what had been asked through you. And your words were twisted and those who tried to tell the truth, unfortunately were killed too. You were left with such a huge burden that you took your own life. You felt that life was not worth living and remaining under those circumstances. You felt guilty. This guilt and continuous Self-Blame was created during that lifetime. AND it was not for you to feel guilty. YOU were NOT guilty. Unfortunately, you took on the blame because of the MISINFORMATION that was spread by the haters and betrayers.

Your trip to Bosnian Pyramids in April 2019 helped you release past life guilt

Your trip to Bosnian Pyramids on 23rd April 2019, has helped you release that guilt from your mind. Hence the itchy lumps and bumps that you still have on your scalp, since visiting and meditating in the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun tunnels, with the Stargate Experience ( and Lilly Wong Coxon ( You are being helped by your Community of Guides to finally release many past lifetime energies of limitations. I am here with you to help you release this, because this is the best time, in 2019, to let go off all that does not serve you. We are all here supporting you. The Angelic Kingdom, The Ascended Masters and The Goddesses.

And this has been the hardest thing for you to let go of, even though you were never guilty. There are people who commit suicide and it is right for some of them as they are ready to move on to an enlightened state. In your case, it was unfinished business. You did not hear and listen to those who told you that you were not guilty of the killings that took place. You felt a huge responsibility, and a burden over your shoulders and yet it was not your responsibility. This is the reason you did not even know that you have been carrying self-blame in your mind, body and emotions! You did not know that you brought the shell of guilt with you into this lifetime, until Archangel Michael pointed this out to you, recently. But relax, dear one. This is the right time. You are now free and liberated. My telling you of all that happened, is part of your healing and understanding, so that you can truly let go and stop blaming yourself and let go of that guilt, of many centuries ago.

I, Archangel Gabriel, also wish that those who read this, will let go of their past lifetime issues and know that it has been a journey, that needs to be cleared, cleansed and released, totally and absolutely in 2019. Each and everyone who is an old soul, on the Earth Plane, right now, has done it all. The bad, the gruesome, horrific and the good, the glorious and splendid. Now LET Go, and Let GOD and LOVE IN.  You Are ALL LOVED BELOVEDS.

Much Love and in Service To You, My Beloved.

Archangel Gabriel.