My Beautiful Magnificent Amazing Mountains

Nomanono IsaacsBlog


Beautiful shinning and shimmering mountains
Covered in white shimmering snow
The highest tops forming pyramids
And all with a lovely blue sky above.

I stand and look, even though at some distance
In awe of the God Love of All Creation
Feeling in me a sensation that’s a mixture
Of joy and pain — culminating in happiness.

You wonder why the pain — but it is indescribable
It is part of me that is giving thanks to nature
Giving appreciation to creation — in a way, acknowledging
That even though, as a human being — 

Sometimes we think we are a superior species
Amongst others — Here now, looking at this
Wonderful creation — which has been possibly here for
Trillions of years — I am only, but a tiny speck — in God’s World.

In Mother Earth’s creation, I enjoy the wonders
The glory that is presented 
Will LOVE to ALL of Her Children
I am thankful. I am blessed. I am in Awe.

Mountains of the world you are magnificent
Mountains of the world you are magnanimous
Mountains of the world you have seen it all
I wish I could be a fly, in your inner room

Hearing your whispers of stories untold
Of ancient experiences that you hold in your heart
Of the times of creations
Of who has comfortably perched on your peak.

How many have never even tried
And then I hear you saying, ask Sagarmatha
At first I say, ask who?
And you say: ask Mount Everest.

Then I remember, Sagarmatha is the original name
The true name of Mt Everest
All I can do, is imagine the foot treks.
The Sherpas, on the borders of the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet.

Their mountaineering skills
The ropes and more tools, the anticipations and excitement.
Then I think that they have lived all their lives
Practising these amazing skills, and I salute them.

Because of the gift from Mother Earth
Then my imagination is running wild on
The Mountains of the world
The gift of Mountains that I so appreciate.

Thank You Mount Everest
Thank You Sagarmatha
Thank You Mount Tahoma
Thank You Mount Rainier

Thank You Mount Kilimanjaro
Thank You Mount Fuji
There are so many of you on this planet
You are all powerful, magnificent and wise.

I Thank YOU, The Sacred Mountain Ranges of The World. You Are Spectacular!

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.