My Appreciation of This Pleasant Surprise — Yes!

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A miracle happened yesterday. I am VERY grateful! It can happen for you too.

Yesterday my eyesight was the same as it had been for the past thirty years. I needed to use reading glasses. In the evening I didn’t need reading glasses!

The Previous Day’s Drama

I misplaced my reading glasses. I had used them the previous night. In the morning I went to the local Post Office and then to Wilko, in town. 

On my return from town, I wanted to read a message from my mobile phone. I couldn’t find my glasses. I tried to see if I could make out what the message was. I got the phone very close to my eyes, but couldn’t read anything.

Then I thought I must have left the glasses in the car. I went to the car and I didn’t find them. I looked everywhere I thought they could be, in the house. They were nowhere to be seen.

Then I decided to trace my steps back to the Post Office. They were not there. I went back to Wilko. I hadn’t left them there. On my way back home, I stopped at a shop and bought a new pair of reading glasses. I found a pair that I wanted and I was pleased. 

Back home, I opened my new pair of glasses. As I lifted the rubbish bin lid, to discard the wrappings of my new pair of glasses, I found the glasses I thought I had lost! I had thrown them away with the wrappings of a phone charger, I had bought at Wilko! I really laughed. I told myself to be very mindful in future!

Yesterday A Miracle Happened!

I used my new pair of glasses. I was happy and thankful. I used them on and off, all day. At some point I took them off to clean them. My laptop was opened on a page I had been typing. 

While still cleaning the glasses, I looked on my laptop’s screen. I looked away from the screen and looked back again. I could see all the words very clearly!

I started reading and everything was with so much normality. It was as if I had never needed reading glasses before. I laughed and I was so happy! AND I remembered the three intentions I made two years ago. I laughed some more.

At My Last Eye Test

At my last eye text, two years ago, an onset of cataracts on both my eyes was found. These were going to be checked again this year, 2020.

That day, two years ago, I made three intentions

  • I was going to pray for the correction of my eye situation.
  • I would go back to the opticians, without cataracts on my eyes.
  • I wouldn’t have a cataracts’ operation. 

As I write now, I feel very emotional with gratitude. Prayers Work! Intentions Work! I am not wearing glasses as I type this. I have a new beginning. I am very appreciative.

Miracles Are For All

This is a pleasant surprise and a miracle for me. I know that miracles are for ALL of us. When we Believe, Trust and have Faith, everything is possible. This is my testimony for ALL of Us! You and me are not different. I’m no more special than anyone else. You Are Very Special. 

In this particular instance, I just knew deep within that I wouldn’t be having an eye operation. I also trusted God, Mother Earth, My Spirit Mentors, My Community of Guides and My Ancestors.

My Rampage of Appreciation

Thank You Universe! 
Thank You. 
Bring me more miracles!
Thank you for restoring my eyesight
Thank you for listening to my prayers
Thank you for guiding me to the intentions
Thank you for this miracle 
Bring me more miracles
I had already received reminders
From the Opticians
For an overdue eye test
Hooray! I don’t need that anymore
Wait, actually I will book it
So that they know for their records
That miracles do happen
The young woman who tested me 
Two years ago said that cataracts 
Are incurable, when I asked.
She said they are a sign Of Old Age.
So Old Age, My Foot!
I thank her and bless her
For, as she said this, something stirred
In me that said, wait I will dissolve them
With help from My Community of Guides
And Spirit Mentors
Then come back to show you, 
If you will still be here.
Now I am shouting to the Heavens with Delight 
THANK YOU for My Miraculous Cure!

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.