MIRACLES! What Are Miracles To You? And What Are They To Me?

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

I trust that all is well with you and yours.
What are miracles to me? I have looked at the definition of the word ‘miracle’ in the dictionaries……
Miracles to me are things and situations that happen when I expect something pleasing to show up and yet, not knowing exactly what is going to show up and how. Things and situations showing up for me that are still surprises even though I have been expecting something good to show up. I like miracles! Thanking GOD/UNIVERSE, every morning for all the Miracles coming to me IS great fun! I have been choosing to see what miracles show up for me, on a daily basis, during this month of July.
What I have found is that, each time I thank GOD/UNIVERSE for all the miracles coming to me that day, I feel happy and I expect something good to show up. And I have not been disappointed. Some of the examples of what the Universe has gifted me with are: an invitation to a birthday party where I danced to my heart’s content, an invitation to a book slam where I ended up singing some South African folk songs, something that I had not planned and I ended up having great fun. One of my neighbours gifting me with a lawn mower.  At other times I have been intuitively guided to read something and it has been what I needed at that particular time and sometimes I have been guided to trust and follow my intuition and by doing this, have benefited greatly. To me, every pleasing occurrence which is a lovely gift from the Universe/God, is a miracle and I have found that this expectation of miracles to showing up, raises my vibration. I feel good, happy and joyful.
About me….. where am I?
Right now, I am looking forward to seeing what miracles show up for me and feeling good most of the time, today and during the month of August. I also feel more relaxed, not worrying about the next moment, and just Being. I am very happy to be alive in this moment. I thank the Universe for the gifts of abundance that are around me. My home. I am thankful that I have a place I call home. I am thankful for the trees that surround this close, where I live. I like and I thank the parakeets that grace the trees around here. Waking up in the morning to sounds of birds on the trees is a blessing.
I am thankful to have You, right now. Thank You for being here with me, in this beautiful Planet sharing Mother Earth’s Glory. We Are All Truly Blessed.
I wish you the very best in the month of August. May all your desires show up in the most beautiful way.