MIRACLES! UBUNTU! ‘I Am Because We Are!’

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

What are miracles to you? Do they have to be physical stuff? To me they are diverse and very interesting. What I am learning is to be open and to expect miracles to come in whatever form and in all ways. What is for me to do then, is to remain open to recognising them. They are subtle at times and yet at other times, they are so blatantly physical and very obvious.

The more I expect miracles, the more they show up. Sometimes they come as an awareness and new understanding of a situation that I have been looking at for a while, without seeing the obvious, and when the miracle of finally understanding presents itself to me, it is as if a bright light or a vast space in the Universe of the Creator has just opened up for me. And I am filled with joy.

I am very thankful of every moment that I am alive. That I am breathing and here typing these words, is a beautiful miracle. We never know when we are going to croak. So as far as I am concerned miracles are everywhere around us, we just need to open our eyes, mind and perceptions, to see and feel them.

When something opens my heart, deeply and lovingly, I appreciate and thank that moment as a gift of a miracle to me. During the past few weeks I have been gifted by the Universe, with human beings who are really wonderful, loving and caring. I travelled to Sheffield recently, and met new people I did not know. And the love and appreciation that filled me during that weekend, was miraculous! Everyone who attended my visit was there to truly contribute to my life and living. AND I am THANKFUL!

The other miracle for me was the physical transformation of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire! You see, I lived not far from Sheffield in the early nineties. I lived in West Yorkshire, in Sandal, Wakefield. I used to drive to Sheffield. However, the Sheffield I saw in August of 2019, is a different one. Totally new and beautiful. Thank you TREES! Sheffield has so many trees that have transformed it into a jewel, in my eyes. Thank you Universe and bless all the people who chose to plant trees to transform Sheffield. For me, this was another miracle! I love miracles.

Some of the loving and miraculous gifts to me, recently, from people who have come into my life, some I have known for a long time and others new, are:

  • free positive guidance, which I took with both hands, heart and soul.
  • one individual gifted me with one thousand, five hundred dollars, in the most miraculous way. I had a text one day saying that he wanted to have a word with me. When we then connected via WhatsApp call, he told me that he was going to wire one thousand five hundred dollars to me. This human being has been a friend to me for some years now. We had not spoken for sometime, and then ‘boom,’ this gift comes to me. If this was not a miracle, what is a miracle then?
  • Another miracle is the one that I never expected. And yet, everyday and every moment, this special person is in my life in many ways. It is a wonderful feeling, to have that special individual who makes my heart go warm, with many feelings that are not that easy to define. It feels like we have known each other for a long time and yet we have only connected recently. The distance between us does not matter. We are managing it perfectly. We chat and make time to connect everyday. Yes, people come into our lives for whatever reasons, and I choose to treasure everyone who comes and enriches my life. So I am very thankful to the Universe for all the gifts of miracles. And for all the loving friends who are in my life.

Over the years I have been blessed by the Universe in many diverse ways. Without the miraculous love, kindness and generosity of people I met on my journeys, I would not be typing these words. So miracles have truly enriched and contributed to my life and living in the most beautiful manner. The South African word ‘UBUNTU’ from the Nguni tribes, meaning Humanity, and always translated ‘I Am Because We Are’ is definitely what I have been blessed with and continue to. Miracles abound in many ways. Have a very blessed and miraculous month of September! ‘I Am Because We Are!’