Love Your Body And Listen

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

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How often do you subject your body to endless chores? 
Not giving it time to rest? 
Perhaps consider telling it ‘I LOVE YOU!’ 

Consider telling it like the romantic lover
That you adore so much
That you are forever telling ‘I LOVE YOU!’

Turn the tables and tell your body
All the sweet nothings that are reserved
For your beloved that ‘I LOVE YOU!’


My body, I love and accept myself as I am
I Love You.
I Love You. 
I Love You.

You don’t have to be skinny and athletic
You just need to be you
The temple for my soul

You don’t have to have thick rippling muscles
Like that of body builders 
You just need to be you

You Are My Temple
For a long time I took you for granted
I didn’t appreciate that you support me 

My life and All That I Am
I don’t even know how 
All the systems of my body work

Thank You for You
You keep me moving
You keep me sane

I Thank You.
I Thank You.
I Thank You.

You Are The Best Engine
That the Creator
Ever Created AND, I LOVE YOU!

I now ask you what you need
And you tell me everything
You are helping me to listen

I thank you My Innate and My Super-Consciousness
For bringing me this awareness 

I am getting better at listening to you my body.
I started practising Loving Myself
Loving My Body. Loving All Of Me

I am becoming aware and very sensitive
To little twitches and sensations of you, my body. 
I am giving you time to rest more now.