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CopyChaliceWells2016To me, the word Love brings up so many different thoughts, feelings and images. Everyone has their own perspective on Love. I can tell you right now, as I want to share this with you. First of all I want to say THANK YOU for being here for me, right at this moment. The word Love at this moment, reminds me of my teenage days, when I attended a Secondary School, in the district where I was born, in South Africa.
I remember my aunt Nolundi. My father’s only sister. I lived away from the village where I was born at the other side of the the village town, in a place that seemed very affluent in my perspective at that time. My aunt lived in town. Whenever I missed my Mama, aunt Nolundi was the person I went to. She was always very happy to see me. I felt her Love. The energy of Joy that emanated from her when she saw me, embraced me and stayed with me for hours long after I had been with her.
She worked as a domestic servant at Dr Brookes’s home. She would eagerly go to the kitchen and bring me whatever food left overs were available. Dr Brookes’s wife did not mind. I used to enjoy those moments. Aunt Nolundi always laughed in a loud voice with a real hearty laughter! Her face would be so lovely to watch as she laughed and the happiness spread all over her face. I LOVED paying my beautiful aunt a visit. I never left her place without a gift from her. She was very generous and kind. She made me feel safe, loved and secure.
Aunt Nolundi transitioned today at around 5:45pm South African time. I last saw my aunt in March 2016 when I went for my brother’s funeral. I visited with her and stayed for a week at her place, I knew deep in me that it was going to be the last time that I saw her alive. I remember the loving times, laughter and jokes that we shared. She was 84. She had a beautiful figure which my first daughter has.
Aunt Nolundi you can fly now! You said you could not fly in an aeroplane because you were scared of flying! Ha! Look at you now, so expansive and being everywhere! The energy you are is beautiful. You are Home now. You are with Our Ancestors. I Love You My Very Beautiful Aunt! Till We Meet Again! To me, YOU meant LOVE!