Nomanono IsaacsBlog


With sky at night, twinkling stars and moonlight

I sit in this corner of the Universe

Observing in awe, nature’s creation

Somewhere across the land

At some distant village

A bush fire is started

I pray that human life will be spared.

My eyes drift back to the sky

There’s a milky way

I see a shooting star

And quickly make a wish

I hear crickets around me

And frogs in a nearby stream

Now and again a dog barks in the neighbourhood

I see fire flies with their gorgeous green flames

Flashing here and there

They are beautiful to watch

I feel peaceful and content

In this corner of the Universe

Here there are no modern roads

Just plenty of foot paths

For villagers as they go about their daily chores

Cattle, sheep, goats and horses are now resting

Quietly in their kraals.

Dew is now beginning to form on this lush green grass

It is time for me to go in and rest my body

There’s silence in the village now

For the night beckons all to rest now


In my mind’s eye I fly above

Way up into the clouds

As I go through I see below me

Beautiful white clouds

All flat and forming a lovely white fluffy soft blanket.

I look up and see a glorious peaceful blue sky

The sun shining and a feeling of harmony overwhelming me

I go beyond — floating gracefully

Searching for lands, planes I have not seen

I see further below me

Pink flamingos

Seemingly creating a plane of their own

I come across a land of flowers

Flowers of different vibrant colours

Masses of fields, stretching as far as the eye can see

All gorgeous colours of the rainbow

And stunning colours outside the rainbow scheme

Such beauty, such wonderment

I look at mauve, blue, pink

Indigo — my eye is just overwhelmed

I am on my own in the midst of this

Wonderful bliss — such marvellous colours

It is a round and yet flowery land — I am happy here.

I now look up and I fly further up

Wanting to see more

I come to a land of BLUE

It is very peaceful here

There are blue buildings — centres

There are hospitals — blue hospitals

There are places of learning — blue learning centres

This is a lovely misty blue I see around me

It is very peaceful here

I go to the place of learning

I know that I have to learn to be still

Peaceful and harmonious

I thank the Knowledge around

I thank the Invisible and Visible Presence

I see patients and doctors — ALL IN BLUE

I am thankful and I wake up with a jolt

Someone just opened the door and I am back to reality.


Somewhere — with an orange glow of a sun setting

Look my friend — beyond the haze of nightfall

There comes tranquility — for the day’s humdrum

Is but disappeared.

In the silence of the trees, the animals taking refuge

For all night — and the nocturnal getting busy

For theirs is not the day — For Day and Night

Are but an illusion to my eyes.

With mind’s foresight and power — all can penetrate

The yet — seemingly incomprehensible

But my friend, hear and listen –

Go deep within your Being — your Soul — You will find

Inner peace and all that you search for.

In your quest for wisdom and love

You will find stillness and knowledge

That will illuminate all of your being

Let the night be, amongst other times,

The time that you can find stillness

By opening your mind, heart and soul.

And do not forget to look after the temple.

Your GOD/ALLAH given temple

For this is the most important

Vehicle in your present life

While you are on planet Earth.

Look after yourself, love yourself

Have sweet dreams and be embraced by love

From the Universe for you are an aspect of the Universe

And you are the Universe of your Soul — BEING.

Listen to the rhythm of your Soul, your Breath

In times of weariness, just for a second, know that

You are never alone — there is always love around you

Only if you would just open your eyes and look around you.

There is so much abundance in all of nature’s presence

Open your eyes and your heart, everything around is alive

It is energy that will interact with you whenever you

Open your mind, your heart, above all YOUR INNER EYE.

Take care now, Love yourself with the Universe’s Blessings.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.