Love And Help From My Beloved In The Heavens

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

When I was told that you had died
I didn’t want to believe it
I had spoken to you on Maundy Thursday In 1989.
On Easter Monday, I was told you were dead!

That seemed impossible to me
All reasoning left me. It was You! 
How could my Beloved be gone?
NO! NO! I screamed my house down!

We had laughed and joked as we always did
You had promised to visit me again
Our world was filled with wonderful plans
But then you died.

Your death was very difficult to take
For I couldn’t come to your funeral
For many reasons, including that
You were in Africa. I was in exile in The UK.

You had just returned to Africa
After a Blissful time we had, a week earlier.
Those memories stayed with me.
They helped me to remember you;

During my darkest moments 
When triggers were in plenty
That painfully reminded me of you
Reminded me that You Were Gone! Gone! Gone!

Thank you for coming to me the other day.
After 31 years and three months.
Your unmistakable voice, sounded in my ears
Instructing me to RELEASE The Fear of Snakes

AND that fear suddenly became so ALIVE
In my cellular structure and in my mind.
I had suppressed the fear of snakes for many years
I feared them from my childhood.

Your visitation, albeit, in Your Voice
Helped me release a Past Life Situation. 
Where I had been thrown into a dungeon filled with snakes
The root cause of my fears of snakes in this lifetime.

I thank You for this assistance
I thank You and My Ancestors
I thank The Ascended Masters 
I thank The Angelic Kingdom

I am now totally and absolutely FREE
From the FEAR of Snakes.
I am now able to look at pictures of snakes with ease.

Since your death, I have grown
In many ways that I didn’t even think possible
I never thought that I could think of you 
Without a sharp piercing pain in my heart.

I can’t say exactly when
But for a while now, I have been thinking of you
With ease. No pain. But Love of a Soulmate
Who once graced my life

Grief does pass. Celebration then takes over
I think this is why you were able to visit
Because I was more receptive
Without dense painful emotions 

I celebrate your help and the blessings you gifted me.
I celebrate you with the thought of the 
Burning fire of LOVE from the Heavens

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.