Living Hell — Memoirs 2!

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From my eighteen year old neighbour’s mouth:

I am in search of a job
Qualifications I have none
When school doors were wide open
I couldn’t dare step in
Limited resources prevented me
Had I been born a different colour
I would have been able to have education
And the choice of what trade I wanted to be in
But still, I am proud of my colour
I have only one door open to me now
For I will soon have responsibilities
A wife and children
For whom I want a better life
So I will join a queue
I will pick up a pick axe and go down the grime
To dig down in the mine
I am terrified
But I must go
I would not mind if I was paid 
Enough to feed the family back home
Should the mine collapse while I am digging
But I am paid two cents
No return for my sweat exists
I will dig and dig deeper and harder
Humming to myself, folk songs
As a way to remind myself of home
For survival, I will keep on digging deeper down there
Only to boost South Africa’s Apartheid!
I have no choice at this point. I have to survive.

© Nomanono Isaacs 08/20

Thank you for taking the time to read these words. Stay Blessed.