July, Thank You! Everything Always Works Out Well For Me!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

I am thankful that where I am, it is sunny with clear beautiful skies. Thank you July for bringing me this sunshine, at this moment. What do I envisage you have for me? All the goodies that I am looking forward to enjoying. Primarily the wonderful expansion of love, joy, bliss, peace and harmony within me.

You see, July, it is really not you and what you bring to me, but what I have and bring to me. All is beautifully within me. I have already seen and felt the beauty of You and Me, co-creating a wonderful morning. I woke up feeling excited and happy that I was alive, and looking forward to every moment as it unfolded.

I am getting better at looking forward to the unknown. I feel that not knowing gives me peace and helps me to Trust and have Faith that Everything Is Always Working Out Well For Me. And it does! There was a time when I questioned this saying, when I first heard it from Abraham-Hicks. It took me sometime to truly know that Everything Is Always Working Out Well For Me.

I now accept fully that in the huge scheme of the Universal, ever continuous pulsation of its natural rhythms, I am part of that pulsation and natural rhythm, by just Being. I contribute to the Universe just like every human being plus flora and fauna as part of this planet. All I need is to be thankful, trust and have faith. I am learning at my own steady pace. I am thankful that I am aware of where I am and where I have been.

I am thankful that I am opening up to more knowing of me, at every moment. I am thankful for everything that I have experienced in every area and every stage of my life. I am continuously being thankful for the bad, the beautiful, the ugly and the greatest challenges that I have experienced. The moments I have cried, cursed My Community of Guides and GOD! When I was angry and very frustrated with them. I am thankful for their Loving Patience and LOVE!

The moments when I have blamed GOD and the HEAVENS for not getting me out of a sticky situation, that I created myself. I am thankful for the moments when I have laughed with My Community of Guides and felt the most powerful moments of LOVE and EXCITEMENT! I am truly thankful, for Everything Always Works Out Well For Me!