IT WAS HITLER’S CHOICE, NOT The Creator – Channelled Message from Moon Walk – through Nomanono Isaacs 01-04-16

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20160319 162032Whohoho Whohoho, Whohoho Whohoho, Whohoho Whohoho, Whohoho Whohoho Whohoho Whohoho, Whohoho Whohoho, Whohoho Whohoho, Mhhhhh Mhhhh. Greetings! I am Moon Walk, one of your first guides who appeared to you years ago when you were at a circle, at Lewisham Spiritualist Church.  I am Moon Walk, here I am. I have been with you for centuries. We go back a long way. Yes, it’s wonderful to be with you now here. We connect again and we have connected many, many times. You are a Blessed child of the Universe. You are a Blessed child of the Creator. You are here to spread love. You have always wanted to be love. Now is the time to be love and you are love.

Every step you take is towards your expansion, your upgrade, your knowingness, your fulfilment. The Universe is vast. It’s embracing each and everyone of you. It’s embracing each and every segment of every aspect of the Creator. You are expansive if you choose. The knowingness that you are embraces you and you embrace it. You can fly whichever way you choose. Life is good. Life has no limits. It’s a time to fly without any limitations knowing that wherever you go, we are supporting you. We are always with you. We are the vast Ocean. You are the vast Universe. You are the Creator. You are the Creator of all that you desire. You are part and parcel of this Universe, every segment, every particle that is you and you are part of it. And you are part of me, you are part of all of us who are the community of your guides. We love you , we support you. We raise you, we root for you.

Now, hear this, where do we come from? That is a question that is always asked. How did we get here? That is a question that is being asked. Who is the Creator? Who is Adam and Eve? In time, all of these questions, because you have had these questions yourself, they are going to be answered. It is all going to be very clear. Humanity is at a pivotal point and even though it looks as though things are getting worse and many people are questioning the Creator. How can The Creator or How could The Creator allow this and that and this that, all these horrible things that are happening? Where is the love of the Creator?

Now, the Creator is love. The Creator gave choices to each and every one in the Human race, even in the Solar stars and Beings and The Galaxies. Each and everyone in the universe, has a choice. If someone says The Creator said I should do this and that, that is horrible, that is seen as horrible, that is catastrophic to humanity, that is not the truth of the Creator. The Creator has given choices to each and everyone of us. Each and everyone of you, and you have chosen to create what you have chosen, not the Creator. The Creator if you like, is there emanating love and giving love all the time and giving you choices to do what you choose for your own expansion, for your own development. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, whether you kill others or not kill others, that is your choice. It’s not the Creator’s choice. So, the Creator continues to love. Emanating love. Supporting you in every way, but doesn’t make your choices. Each and everyone of you make choices. Even each and everyone here in the Inner planes, we make our choices. Yes, there are choices that we still make and choose. But we can’t turn round and blame the Creator. The Creator is Love. And it’s like when you are a parent, you have your children. Your children come through you, but in all aspects you do the best you can as a parent to bring your children up to be the best they could be. If along the line the children, your children, choose paths that you see are not of the Creator, are of separation from the Creator, there are times when you despair, because there is nothing that you can do. That child has made his or her own choices. You have no control over that. It’s part of their growth. It’s part of their expansion. It’s part of their learning.

Hitler did what he did. It was his choice. It wasn’t The Creator telling him ‘do this and that.’ It was his choice to do what he did! The Creator is always loving. The Creator is of love. The people that are killing others in many parts of the world, in Africa, in Afghanistan, in Syria, everywhere, in Israel and Palestine. It’s not the Creator! It’s not God that is saying do this, do that. These people are making choices. Your governments are making choices to go fight and kill. The other person who chooses to kill a child, it’s their choice. It’s not the Creator. It’s people’s choices but as the time goes on, because the Earth is becoming the Planet o Love, I do not know, how long it will take but it is happening.

All of these things are going to be things of the past because humanity is changing. Humanity is going to be love. Each and everyone of these things will be looked at in years to come as things that happened in history. But there will be love. Wars are coming to an end, will come to an end. This is what we are all aiming at. The Star Beings, every particle of the Universe is wanting Planet Earth to be a Planet of Love. As you know, the Beings from Venus are here to support the expansion and the change on planet earth, showering planet earth with love. There’s going to come a time when each and every human being is open to this Venus love, Mother Earth’s love. So all is well. It’s happening as it should. Horrible things are going to still show up but that’s part of the journey, the journey to love.

It’s so wonderful to be here to express my views through you. I love you. I withdraw my energies now and thank you. I am Moon Walk one of your guides. Thank you.