Is There A Measure to Giving or Receiving?

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Agadir Morocco
‘You have to learn to receive and accept the gift and opportunity you have right now!’ This is whast I wrote on my facebook page.
A lovely friend wrote:
Lots of thanks for receiving the generosity of the universe and for all the gifts in one’s life, that’s lovely. But my sincere question with all this receiving is should one expect to get, without also giving back? If it is also giving, how does one give back to the universe? is thanks enough? Is it a positive act of giving? or is it about what goes around comes around?Or when one may have given so much, is it about not expecting anything back? I would love some feedback on this.
 My answer was:

Agadir Morocco nomanono.comThank You my friend.  For my point of view: I was inspired to say these words to a fellow student last night at College who said she was feeling very uncomfortable with the patience and the generosity of our teacher. He was sitting with her, showing her how to work on her project on the computer. She said she felt that she was being selfish and taking a lot of his time. When the above words came out of me, she thanked me and said she felt better! The woman who was sitting close to me told me to write these words because they were inspiring to those who find it hard to Receive, I had even forgotten what I had said. So they all reminded me of what I had said:

My other point of view is that, the Loving Universe is always eager to give us in various ways, without judgement! We are the ones who limit ourselves by questioning and judging. Since we create our own lives, I think we also know deep in our souls what feels light or heavy in any given situation. The most important thing I know to be light for me is being appreciative/thankful and reaching for feelings that feel good!

Now a question: is there a measure of how much we give and how much we receive?

AND I do not have an answer to this question other than to say we are infinite beings in a place and space of infinity…..

On Expectations my point of view is that it is better to expect that All wonderful things are coming our way. On giving… If one gives with a loving heart, they are going to be very happy because in the very act of giving with love, one receives joy and happiness that they have given. The way I see it, we are always giving and receiving… in All Ways!!

Now for You, who is reading this…. What is Your View?