HandsOfLight2To feel nurtured, loved, cared for, perhaps even relief from pains in your body and peaceful, I will channel for you, Healing Energies of Archangel Michael and My Beings Of Light Healing Team. I am a Spiritual, Energy Healing Facilitator! I may even give you some insights that come through during the healing, that are right for you and your situation.

If you just want to talk, that is perfect too as talking is part of healing. We will use Skype or Facebook Messenger for your healing session.

I can also send you Distant or Absent Healing, which means that we will agree a time, preferably during your night time, or a time when you are quietly resting. Distant or Absent Healing crosses oceans, it does not matter where you are in the world!

What Are Some Of The BENEFITS to You?

The feedback I have received from clients is release of stress levels and they have found themselves calmer and feeling positive. Their money issues have lessened. Physical conditions have improved if not disappeared, and emotional issues have been replaced by a brighter view of life.

How Often to Have Energy Healing?

You may just require a minimum of one session which may bring instant results and clarification. However depending on your receptivity, more sessions may be beneficial.

During healing you may experience some sensations in your body or you may not, and it is all fine because you receive the healing which is right for you.


You will learn to heal and balance your chakras using the Divine Union (combined energies of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine). "Using Divine Union to balance your chakras, you are bringing pure consciousness into your whole being. The Consciousness that everything is One and there is no separation. Everything is integrated into your chakras. This will transform your perception of everything within you and everything around you." These are words of Master Jesus, channelled by Natalie Glasson of The Sacred School of OmNa.

This is what Be M said about her experience of the Chakra Balancing: A few days ago I had a wonderful meditation session via Skype...Haven't felt that relaxed/centered in a while and learnt/worked with chakras beyond your standard seven (such as the earth star and higher heart)...all new to me. Thanks Nomanono Nonokazi Isaacs for the knowledge and good vibrations. Sessions are free for a limited time only. #SharingIsCaring

This is what Risaria said about her experience of the Chakra Balancing: I had a great chakra balancing session with Nomanono. I hadn'thave a session done in that way before, connecting with the Solar Star Chakra. And it was really powerful, so powerful that the moment the session finished I had to lie down and let it process. My phone rang and the call was saying that the delay on my house keys was over, they were ready for me to pick up. I had felt so much resistance that the day they were meant to be ready, they were not and I waited three days and this really got things moving.I am sure that the Chakra Balancing was Key to This!

This is what Audrey S said about her experience of the Chakra Balancing: Thank you Nomanono for my session and a new perspective on Chakra Healing. Felt lighter and everything I did after flowed easily. Have and will recommend you. Thank you again. Namaste :)

This is what Andrea W said about her experience of the Chakra Balancing: I had a wonderful chakra clearing session with Nomanono this morning. I was looking forward to it even though I wasn’t certain what to expect. The clearing itself was a wonderful experience. However it was afterwards I felt the benefits of the clearing. I moved through my day feeling truly supported and connected. I actually know I can achieve great things instead of always hoping I can do them. This is an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend. Many Thanks to you Nomanono.



My intention is to channel the most pure vibration of communication for you, for your support and guidance from Beings of Love and Light. The information will be what you personally need for your own ascension, growth and expansion. It may be in the form of a meditation, affirmations or straightforward guidance, whatever is right for you at this time.

This is what Audrey S said about her experience: "Nomanono, thank you for my session. I was not sure what to expect. The meditation and messages I got were inspiring: and clarifying. You certainly have a very good connection with Non-Physical as you connected me with: Archangel Michael, Goddess Isis, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, The Pleiadians and The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria. I have found food for thought and clarity with what this year holds and my purpose in this life. Nomanono, bless you. thank You and Your Guides for an enlightening session."

For Half an Hour session of Archangel Michael's Channeled Healing Energies you pay £30.00

BOOK NOW: https://10to8.com/book/gcdxmc-free/

For One Hour session of Archangel Michael's Channeled Healing Energies you pay £60.00

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For One Hour session of Personal Channeled communication you pay £80.00

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For Half an Hour session of Chakra Balancing with Divine Union you pay £30.00

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A Package of 2 (Two): Archangel Michael's Channeled Healing Energies for 1 hour. Channeled Personal Communication for 1 hour. Both for £125.00 (One hundred and twenty-five pounds). This will be spread through two sessions. You book once and we arrange suitable time for the remaining session via email or during our first Skype session.

For a Package of 2 (Two) you pay £125.00

BOOK NOWhttps://10to8.com/book/gcdxmc-free/

A Package of 3 (Three): Archangel Michael's Channeled Healing Energies for I hour. Channeled Personal Communication for 1 Hour. Chakra Balancing with Divine Union (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies) for 30 minutes. All for £150.00 (One hundred and fifty pounds) This will be spread through three sessions. You book once and we arrange suitable times for the remaining sessions via email or during our first Skype session .

For a Package of 3 (Three) you pay £150.00

BOOK NOWhttps://10to8.com/book/gcdxmc-free/


DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is NOT INTENDED or IMPLIED to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content contained on this website, (or made available through this site), is intended for general information purposes only and is designed to help provide an aid to those seeking self awareness and personal change.



From Tim G. Cartwright - Resident of Bromley in 1997

Symptoms: Severe stiffness of neck and shoulders making it very difficult to ensure safe reversal of motor car.

Results: Almost immediate (next day) free-up of affected joints, which till then, had been set rigid for a matter of several months. This healing was brought about by non-impact mental treatment only... by Nomanono Isaacs, from the comfort of her home.

From Roseanne May:

I was heartbroken, not just from romance but from the deep emotional wounds of life. Nomanono Isaacs offered vital support in my own need to understand and undertake a healing journey. In essence she was a loving, caring mentor who was willing and able to navigate alongside me. Nomanono guided me to the value and worth of my own inner self. Without fear of judgement or rejection, I was able to show and tell who I was, and reveal my emotional responses to life. Nomanono gave me wise and loving and honest counsel her sound advice came only from ‘a loving yourself’ place. In so doing, I found the strength to change what wasn't working for me. It will be a dynamic, healing relationship with Nomanono, ever-changing ever growing, best of all there may be tears but there will be laughter too!

From Charlotte Allen:

Nomanono, thank you for showing me how to deal with past traumatic issues that weighed me down. You helped me to change my mindset; a heavy load was lifted giving way to a lighter and joyous feeling thanks to you I can now journey through life with a positive outlook.......Charlotte

From Vickie Lee Justus:

I met Nomanono online a few years ago...her uplifting posts of gratitude and love moved me deep in my heart. A couple of years ago, I read the book of her life story and was moved to tears and struck with disbelief at HOW...someone so mistreated could still conjure up such an attitude of LOVE and thankfulness. I discovered the answer to the Why and How when she paid me a visit last month, June 2016. My daughter and granddaughters joined us in the living room when it was suddenly filled with the pure light of angels. We drummed and danced and played in this love for a short while. Then Nomanono wrapped her healing energy around my body and an army of angels joined in. Nomanono told me to think of the painful rods in my back as made of rubber instead of aluminium. And have created less pain since. The cancer in my ovary is shrinking...it hurts no longer. We had a long distance healing session recently, on the internet to finish things off. My body trembled and shook with the healing energy surrounding and entering it. It was the MAGIC of the one true Source of LOVE. ...and many angels including Nomanono. If you are in need of physical or emotional healing...you have found the right place. I believe that I am healed as my body tells me so. Whatever you need...rest assured you will be forever changed when your energy mingles with Nomanono’s. Sending my energy and love to this healing site...to join in with you and your band of angels!

Your angel love has changed my earthly existence!!! KNOW that you are an angel among us!